Pappi dating

Janet Mock is Dating 'Pose's Lil Papi. The two seem to have made it Instagram official. By Mikelle Street. August 15 2019 5:27 PM EDT. We’ve talked about how hot Pose’s Lil Papi is before. And ... Papi encouraged Angel to her to follow her dreams but also realize that she is his ultimate dream. It was a sweet moment that proved he honestly cares for her well-being and doesn’t expect her ... If you need advice, send him a question at [email protected] Be sure to begin your letter with “Hola Papi!” It’s part of the whole deal. I’m in my late twenties and I’ve been dating girls since my brain stopped playing Pokémon on a GameBoy Color and realized that the girls around me were hella cute. ¡Hola Papi! I'm a 27-year-old gay guy from México and I've been seeing my sex buddy for the last eight years. He is not gay. Even though he lives as a straight man, we've constructed a functional relationship where we just have good sex, no strings attached. Global Papi’s Girlfriend. Global Papi is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Global had at least 1 relationship in the past. Global Papi has not been previously engaged. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, he later lived in Baltimore, Maryland. He has five brothers. According to our records, he has no children. Enrico Papi is turning 55 in Enrico was born in the 1960s. The 1960s was the decade dominated by the Vietnam War, Civil Rights Protests, Cuban Missile Crisis, antiwar protests and saw the assassinations of US President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Tags: Commentary, Print Issue, April 2019, Hola Papi, Dating. From our Sponsors. READER COMMENTS Latest News. News. Queer Canadians Three Times More Likely to Be Assaulted, Study Shows.

[ Non-Fatal ] [ 09/06/2020 ] Cessna 182, Coeur d'Alene/ ID

2020.09.18 06:02 assessment_bot [ Non-Fatal ] [ 09/06/2020 ] Cessna 182, Coeur d'Alene/ ID

Category Data Category Data Category Data
Event Id: 20200907X40738 Investigation Type: Accident Accident Number: WPR20CA299
Event Date: 09/06/2020 Location: Coeur d'Alene, ID Country: United States
Latitude: 47.786111 Longitude: -116.719445 Airport Code: COE
Airport Name: COEUR D'ALENE - PAPPY BOYINGTO Injury Severity: Non-Fatal Aircraft Damage: Substantial
Aircraft Category: Airplane Registration Number: N8885X Make: Cessna
Model: 182 Amateur Built: No Number of Engines: 1
Engine Type: FAR Description: Part 91: General Aviation Schedule:
Purpose of Flight: Personal Air Carrier: Total Fatal Injuries:
Total Serious Injuries: Total Minor Injuries: 1 Total Uninjured:
Weather Condition: VMC Broad Phase of Flight: Report Status: Preliminary
Publication Date: 09/16/2020
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2020.09.01 21:44 polcomppatrol PCM statistics repository 2

This post tracks statistical OCs on post/comment karma and other metadata on PoliticalCompassMemes over time. This list is non-exhaustive.
This part of the repository, or the "vault" as I often call it when commenting on stats OCs, is currently divided into three sections:
Feel free to butcher these statistics to own the [insert flair you're arguing against] or to make the 9999th snowclone of the "D E S P I T E" copypasta.

Post and comment metadata

OP Date posted (Date added to the vault (if added on or after 2 Sept. 2020)) Period covered Notes Sample size
u/bonsley6 10 January 2020 21 January 2017 - 10(?) January 2020 Unflaired scum are the most controversial posters of the sub. Top 100 most controversial posts on PCM at the time of posting
u/bonsley6 12 January 2020 21 January 2017 - 11(?) January 2020 Libleft has the most posts in the top 100 of all time(?) Top 100 posts on PCM at the time of posting
u/NoVaMan6969 27 January 2020 (added 2 Sept. 2020) c. January 2020 OP attempted to determine whether politics (through libleft flairs) was brigading PCM, as the sub had experienced brigading around the same time. politics users (defined by OP as having commented there in the past 100 comments) made 15% of the posts and 13.69% (stop nutting, authrights) of the comments. 100 newest posts, 241 newest comments
u/Megastronkopboi 12 February 2020 21 January 2017 - 12(?) February 2020 Libleft has the most posts in the top 50 of all time Top 50 posts on PCM at the time of posting
u/______ripski 8 April 2020 (added 2 Sept. 2020) 21 January 2017 - 8(?) April 2020 Libleft has the most posts in the top 100 of all time, followed by libright. Top 100 posts on PCM at the time of posting
u/Quinnnnnby 23 April 2020 (added 6 Sept. 2020) 21 January 2017 - 23(?) April 2020 "despite being 13% of the top posts, centrists get 41% of the points." - u/Schidtposta; unflaired/deleted posts make up 5% of the top 100 posts. Top 100 posts on PCM at the time of posting
u/Anterwo 1 May 2020 ??? Libleft and libright flairs comprise 16.48 and 15.51 percent of comments within the sample size. Also, "despite making up 9% of all users, AuthRight people make up 50% of comments containing the [n-word] on [PCM]." - OP 987 hottest posts (185,641 total comments)
u/iCyyyyy 1 May 2020 April 2020 Lib flairs have the most post karma (libleft and libright are almost tied). Top 1000 posts
u/iCyyyyy 1 May 2020 9 November 2019 - 1 May 2020 Proving PCM is a lib circlejerk and not "becoming authright." Three-week moving average of post karma by flair. Top 100,000 posts
u/Infonyx 16 May 2020 (PCM post, dataisbeautiful post) (added 2 Sept. 2020) 16 May 2020 Unflaired majority as a result of the purple libright protest; largest flair was, interestingly enough, purple libright. Participants in the top 50 hot posts
u/RelativelyFriendly 27 May 2020 27 May 2019 - 27 May 2020; 27 April - 27 May 2020 Librights had the most authors in the top posts (27%), followed by libleft (18.8%). OP deliberately excluded centrists. n = 1048; authors of top posts from last year and last month
u/HumanNumber348 1 June 2020 (added 2 Sept. 2020) 25 May - 1 June 2020 Librights made it to top the most, followed by authcenter and right unity. Libleft/left unity are the butts of the jokes for over half the agendaposts (n = ???) and librights jacked themselves off the most. Memes on rooftop Koreans were excluded as per OP. Top 100 posts in the previous week; n = unknown for agendaposts and endorsements.
u/Roy_Atticus_Lee 1 June 2020 21 January 2017 - 1(?) June 2020 Libleft still has the most posts in the top 100 of all time. Top 100 posts on PCM at the time of posting
u/swagenom3try 2 June 2020 (added 2 Sept. 2020) 21 January 2017 - c. June 2020 According to a formula devised by OP, authrights make the best memes, followed by libleft, libright, then authleft. Population is derived from u/tigeer's OC. Top 100 posts on PCM at the time of posting.
u/AdNausNewMeta 15 June 2020 May or June 2020 Implies that memes posted by librights/right-unity flairs tend to be biased against liberals Top 100 posts during the "previous month"
u/Edgesurf225 2 July 2020 1 June - 1 July 2020 Statistical breakdown of PCM posts and comments. Libright has plurality of posts, comments, median comment karma, and circlejerkiness. Centrists have the highest median post karma. Top ~850 posts; top 5000 comments for each post
u/LuridTeaParty 6 July 2020 (added 2 Sept. 2020) 6 July 2019 - 6 July 2020 No idea if they're comments (that would be at least twice as large as the AHS mod called, even accounting for the unflaired comments she excluded) or karma. Unflaired are grouped under "center." Top 500 posts in the previous year. No idea if they're comments (that would be at least twice as large as the AHS mod called, even accounting for the unflaired comments they excluded) or karma.
u/ConcreteChildren 13 July 2020 June-July(?) 2020 Despite making up 37% of the comments, right-wing flairs earned 41% of the karma. Comments in the top 30 posts of the previous month (excluding the banwave announcement post)
u/reviedox 27 July 2020 (PoliticalCompass post) 27 (?) July 2020 Libleft is the most targeted quadrant. Likely precursor of the below survey. 50 posts
u/reviedox 28 July 2020 (deleted by OP) June - July 2020 Libleft gets made fun of the most, librights love to mock everyone, authlefts don't post, and authrights are snowflakes. ???
u/Checkerboard9 5 August 2020 5 August 2020 Number of posts by flair on 5 August 2020; libright has most posts (28). 100
u/PenultimateAardvark 6 August 2020 5 July - 5 August 2020 Libright posts and reaches Hot the most often, and are upvoted the most; followed by libleft. "Hourly posts" column - 15,027 unique posts, "Top 50 Hot posts" column - 36,300 (with duplicates), "Daily Score" column - top 100 posts every 24 hours
u/PappyPutin 13 August 2020 July 2020 Authright is the most targeted quadrant (9/27 agendaposts) Top 50 posts of July
u/Bardfinn 15 August 2020 (AHS comment) 21 January 2017 - 15 August 2020 Lib flairs are historically the most active. All PCM comments during the period covered (4,267,701 comments)
OP (causes formatting problems) 16 August 2020 (deleted by OP) Depends on whether the top post was the top post of the day or of all time "So majority libright, and the authright are a noisy minority" - u/Kronosx1 Comments in the "top post in [PCM]."
u/wbp_ 16 August 2020 ??? Half the posts make fun of other quadrants, and apparently authright has overtaken libleft as the most mocked quadrant. 267 users, 146 posts
u/HumanNumber348 21 August 2020 14 - 21 August 2020 (for top 500 posts). Unknown (for new) Librights have the most comments in top, followed by liblefts. Most upvoted comments are from the right-wing flairs. Top 500 posts during the period covered and 500 posts in new.
u/EpicBrox200 24 August 2020 (Part 1, Part 2, both PoliticalCompass posts) 21 January 2017 - 24 August 2020 Libright have the most top 100 posts of all time whereas liblefts have the most controversial posts of all time. Using such metrics, the sub is said to prefer right-wing (plus radical centrist) flairs. Top 100 upvoted and controversial comments in the sub
u/ARNisUsername 29 August 2020 21 January 2017 - 29 August 2020 Librights (combined 24.4%) have the most posts in top, followed by libleft (15.7%), libcenter (12.7%), and centrists (11.3%) Top 1000 posts of all time
u/HumanNumber348 29 August 2020 (no raw numbers) 22 - 29 August 2020 45 agendaposts posted in the previous week. Targets: authleft (4), left unity (2), libleft (21), libright (7), right unity (1), authright (9) 45 agendaposts made in the previous week
u/LazyStraightAKid 7 September 2020 (added 7 Sept. 2020) 6 September 2020 Out of the top 50 hot posts, 14 are libleft bad/authright banned from stereotypical libleft subs posts, 4 are about liblefts distinguishing themselves from others in their quadrant, and 1 dunks on AHS. The first category got 46% of the total votes within the sample size. Top 50 hot posts during the time period
u/N0ahface 9 September 2020 (added 9 Sept. 2020) August 2020 39 of 110 agendaposts target libleft, followed by 20 for authright. Libcenters are the most endorsed flair (5 to 1), and are the only one with more posts endorsing them than mocking them. Authlefts and right unity flairs have no posts endorsing them. 110 top agendaposts in the previous month
u/chapstick99 9 September 2020 (restored) (added 9 Sept. 2020) 21 January 2017 - 9 Sept. 2020 (all time), 9 Sept. 2019 - 9 Sept. 2020 (year), 9 August - 9 Sept. 2020 (month) Pretty comprehensive analysis of user flairs on posts and comments over given time periods. TL;DR: It's a lib/right world and we're all living in it. Centrists (of both kinds) are the least upvoted commenters. "If you want upvotes, become purple libright" - OP Top 1000 posts (all time, previous year, previous month); ~30,000 comments; ~5,000 commenters

OC metadata

OP OC OP (link of OC) Date posted Notes
u/Chocokami u/broadcash (19 August 2020 poll), dataisbeautifulpost 21 August 2020 PCM post dataisbeautiful post Authrights are younger, liblefts (and to a lesser degree, libcenters, authleft, and left unity) are older. NA region has less auths than EU, whereas SA is right-wing. Other details here.
u/Chocokami u/Bardfinn (AHS comment made on 15 August 2020) with data from u/Chocokami (Meta-analysis of u/broadcash's "Based Census" dated 21 August 2020) 2 September 2020 (added 2 Sept. 2020) A "back-of-the-envelope calculation" (i.e. "rough calculation") that uses the former's raw N in the above analysis and the total comments as pulled by the AHS mod. Authcenters, by this measure, are the most vocal quadrant followed by authleft then libright. This is two layers of meta at this point.
u/polcomppatrol (just tried to have a shot on it myself) u/PenultimateAardvark (post dated 6 August 2020) with data from u/Chocokami (Meta-analysis of u/broadcash's "Based Census" dated 21 August 2020) 2 September 2020 (added 2 Sept. 2020) Derivative of u/Chocokami's own calculations, but replacing the data used above with u/PenultimateAardvark's as suggested by the former. Right unity flairs have the most posts per user, followed by librights, then authcenters and radical centrists.


OP Date posted (Date added to the vault (if added on or after 2 Sept. 2020)) Period covered Notes Sample size
u/dan3715 8 July 2020 (added 6 Sept. 2020) ??? Quadrant representation of PCM users active in other subreddits. ???
u/chapstick99 14 September 2020 (added 14 Sept. 2020) ??? PCM users are active in similar subreddits as those from the top subs. User overlap with HistoryMemes is considered to be an oddity by OP. Interestingly enough, the most active political sub PCM users (about 1/3) participate in is politics, despite being the one sub PCM circlejerks against the most. 7176 most recent commenters on PCM; 500 most recent comments (~3.5 M comments)

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2020.08.30 22:27 Big_Alchie Trouble Finding Pappy Date Code

I'm having trouble finding the date code on a 2017 bottle. Took a look with a flashlight on the other side of the bottle and didn't see anything.
So, I have a few questions ...
What is the best method to find it?
How small is it on the 2017s? (I've seen comments that it can sometimes be very tiny.)
Is it possible that it didn't get date coded or the code could've gotten smeared off?
Have any of you had trouble finding a Pappy code?
As an aside, I bought this bottle from a very legit national retailer.
Thanks in advance for any help.
EDITED to add ... Ran across this from 2016 by the admin of a bourbon site who was talking about Pappy codes: " These codes are usually printed on the back of the bottle below the label, though on rare occasions, they can be above the label or under the label itself." Surprised to see it could be under the label. Anyone ever had it under the label?
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2020.08.23 10:34 ItIsWhatItIsBoy 🚧🚧🚧Testing was a diss album to Drake

Copy pasted version below ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇
Is this Truman’s craziest theory yet??? Did Wu Tang Forever remix& video getting shelved mark the end of A$AP OVO? Let’s break it down. Trying to find out where to start let’s start with the first soundcloud release to start the testing era.
Ah yes the infamous song that set ktt ablaze but let’s analyze the record. Five stars is the first of three dummie tracks. However it’s the first aimed at the 6 god himself. “Boy, you sweeter than Pop-Tart,” has to be the safest but pointiest jab to drake. I mean this a nigga who got pissed on in a movie theater 📷 . That’s not the blow your attention should be directed towards. Rocky finishes the verse off saying this peculiar three lines 📷 “Gave the Uber-man five stars Left the restaurant, five stars I was ****in' with a five star She done ****ed about five stars, sidebar“
Who could’ve Rocky been talking about ? Was it Rihanna, a definite L on Drake’s career he tries to expunge with every career move. Nah too obvious. But nah it was Sophie Brussaux 📷 . If we use the information we’ve heard. When Drake was in denial over the child being his, it was because of the amount of people Sophie was fornicating with ( 📷 but we don’t care if that **** got the mileage mileage). “Brussaux was involved with a few industry fellas before she got pregnant. Those folks allegedly include Iman Shumpert, James Harden, a backup dancer for Beyonce and A$AP Rocky. It was reported last year Rocky and Brussaux were dating before his rumored relationship with Kendall Jenner.”
now lets do the math
Iman Shumpert =1
James harden = 2
Beyoncè backup dancer = 3
Drake = 4
And rocky = 5
To make matters worse, Rocky confessed to maybe snitching on the record. Maybe rocky was premeditating a snitch to Ye early.
“I just fibbed to the cops (fibbed to the cops) I don't talk to the 12 (talk to the 12) I don't snitch to the cops (snitch to the cops) I forget **** a lot, word” BONUS: Rocky got the worst feature of 2018 from DRAM on this song another former enemy of Drake. really this feature is bad.
Next we will skip to the Rocky finishing the album in Berlin with Kanye, Yasin Bey, Dave Chappelle and A$AP Bari [insert pcp joke here].
Late January and early February kanye and rocky and frank ocean work on music. It is assumed that here of all meeting points that Rocky was really heartbroken over the news about Sophie ****ing around with drake and leaving him 📷 . Here rocky may have alluded to it but nothing was confirmed that the kid wasn’t his yet.
Well yea we all know this one. Drake plays fortnite with ninja and finds out he has a little half ****er that’s actually his. 📷 📷 🤫🤫🤫🤫
[Salute to Monkai 📷 ] Bad Company drops featuring Drake’s new “it thing” BlocBoy JB. The bridge features rocky saying “I got so much beef, I could barely sleep Paranoia got me losin' all my Z's, all day”
And a menacing hook about beef
His opening lines on his first verse states “When I say I got beef, they don't want no beef When they say they got beef, they don't wanna eat If he said he wants smoke, they don't want no steam” 📷 who the **** could rocky be talking Bout. I mean not unless the beef is all but confirmed for drake getting his girl knocked up. 📷
No other than lines here and there, one stood up particularly. The first line of the 4th verse has a too close for home namedrop, “Flintstone bust down, color Murakami”. Sure rocky has been known to name drop famous designers and sometimes amazing contemporary artists but even murakami seems out of left field not unless...
You do the rest ..
Now haha the final chapter
MAY 25 2018 📷 📷
Testing is the long awaited third studio album by American rapper ASAP Rocky. It dropped the same day as Pusha T. As we know the album features Infrared which was the Bait that led to a great response track that was duppy freestyle. However what gets constantly overlooked is the follow up release to Duppy freestyle which was the worst single of drake’s Career... that would be “I’m Upset”.
Now I’m retrospect we should’ve realized that the song was a ultimate Aubrey move as he disses his baby moms on a song 📷 about child support . The song has no consistent story or thematic pattern. But one line sticks out more than the rest.
“Word to Flacko Jodye, he done seen us put it downNiggas askin' if I'm cool” 📷 randomly drops this song a day after the album a day after Infrared?? 📷 that’s oddly fishy. Not unless drake had realized rocky had given the info to Pusha to avenge himself.
What did Flacko Jodye see put down 📷 📷 📷 SCARY HOURS.
Now a Deep dive in the testing subs directed to Drake
So how do you get even with a nigga who just busted a nut in your girl? Recruit the nigga who dislocated his shoulder with a slap to provide ultimate hypeman and background vocals. Also say this ****...
“The type of niggas spray his kids in some chicks He wouldn't raise his kids with, that type of twisted sick ****”
Judging off what we know 📷 📷 drake confessed on Sacrifices of running for the hills when he thought it was a chance that Sophie was pregnant by him (amazing song with a thug renegade free my nigga 📷 )
But y’all knew this already.
“Niggas know not what nigga want not, yeah From the fort, Fort Knox, this ain't Fortnite Nigga get your **** rocked, nigga”
So you telling me a nigga who read a statistic on Einstein was the first nigga to randomly name drop fortnite ??? 📷
📷 another BlocBoy feature that’s strange 📷
Rocky raps about coming up etc etc. uses tekashi’s flow who we know Drake don’t **** with and says this
“My whole life I just wanted to be that nigga (nigga)All my ex-hoes, they was turning into strippers (****)Then the whole time they was ****ing other niggas (what)I paid no mind, I'm like **** them other niggas (**** 'em)”
My niggas I don’t know if y’all said that Sophie video 📷 but she definitely stripping and Cam showing her ass off. 📷
📷 rocky found out the hard way huh that ass was for everybody
“My cougars had me lit, kept a PYT Your mama on my ****, prettier than a **** And I'm overseas, and I had a ball Seein' overseas hoes (really litty lit, uh)”
📷 rocky definitely saying regardless of the situation I still beat tho
“Look, I got a text from this girl I used to see Sayin' that she chose this other guy with whom she wanna be with Look, I apologize, but this message ****ed me upThen I would skeet-skeet every girl after replying, "Best of luck to ya" Fast forward couple months I'm like, "Wassup witcha?"' Cause somethin' changed I know ya feel it (feel it)But really it's been a lil' minute” The other guy was drake and rocky definitely got too drunk one day and texted her. Funny enough she was receptive after this deadbeat mother ****er played border patrol 📷 And Rocky interloped 3K who had solo reprise that took shots at niggas with ghostwriters 📷 genius .
“Wake up to my explore pageSee my exes engaged, or either gettin' married Or had a baby with some nigga Or either three months, post-natal post, post-nup, that little nigga pappy I wonder if they really happy or just gettin' at me”
BONUS: BTWC references marriage maybe rocky really wanted to wife her to 📷 📷
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2020.08.17 22:47 Xirsa My Nana married a creep

I've never really sat down and written all of this out before, and I keep getting reminded about it, so I figured I could post it somewhere to kinda, I don't know, vent, I guess. And since this subreddit is about encounters with creeps, I figured you guys might get some entertainment out of it, too.
So first of all, the woman I call Nana in this story isn't actually related to me, but for most of my life she and her husband were like grandparents to me. I grew up poor, and they lived in a nice house, so going to their house was like a super cool vacation. Well, when I was 12, Nana's husband (whom my sisters and I affectionately called Pappy) died from lung cancer. It was rough on me since his funeral was held on my 12th birthday, but it was obviously rougher on Nana. She changed after that and started acting like you'd expect someone to act if they were going through a mid-life crisis. She bought a stripper pole, got a back tattoo, and things like that even though she'd been pretty conservative before.
And then she, out of nowhere, started dating and married another man, like, SUPER fast. We'll call him T. At first, T didn't seem too bad. He was kinda weird, but I just thought it was because he was "the new guy" as it were. Now T, you need to know, was probably in his late 50s to early 60s, and I was only 15 or 16 when I met him. The first red flag came after T offered to take me for a ride on his motorcycle. I thought riding on a motorcycle would be cool since I'd never done it before, and he was Nana's husband. What did I have to worry about?
So we're on the motorcycle, and he's driving me around. Everything's fine. And then he tells me I need to scoot closer and hold on tight or I'm gonna fall off. Obviously, I listen to him, and that was the first time he touched my leg. Just a pat on my shin. I didn't think anything of it. But then he did it again, and again, and again. At that point, I was getting a little bit uncomfortable, so I pulled away from him a little bit. He tells me I need to hold on, and when I hesitate he, no joke, tells me, "I'm not trying to feel those big old titties on my back, I just don't want you to fall off." That should have been the moment where I told everyone he was a creep, including Nana, but I let it go like an idiot.
Cut to a little while later, and T has continued to make me uncomfortable damn near every time I visit, but I still haven't told anyone anything. I wake up one morning and go to the kitchen to make some cereal. I'm wearing nothing but a long nightgown and panties, no bra or anything because I literally just woke up. Well, T comes into the kitchen and sees me standing at the counter. He walks up behind me, wraps both of his arms around my waist and pulls me against him. I froze, but then he mumbled in my ear, "You're so sexy." Then he walked away.
That was the breaking point. I told my parents and my then-boyfriend (now husband) what happened. I refused to go back to Nana's the next time she asked me to go, and when I told her why, her only response was, "But he does that kind of stuff to everyone." Needless to say, I cut her out of my life for that. A few years down the line, I heard that T died, and Nana came groveling to me, trying to get me to meet with her. I went, but things between me and her have never gone back to the way they were. I suspect they never will.
Edit: Y'all are being super cool. Maybe I'll pop back in later to tell some more stories. Thankfully, I don't have all THAT many encounters with creeps, but I got a few.
Edit 2.0: I just realized I put 14th birthday on here. It was actually 12th. Jfc, I'm coming up on 30, but apparently the dementia is trying to hit me early. XD
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2020.08.17 21:48 dannyjohnson1973 Do Money Orders equal US Postal Savings Bonds?

First off, I'd like to say Thank You for your Service. I have always respected my Postal Carriers. I offer water when its hot and have given gifts at Christmas.
I see people buying stamps. That is great, but honestly, I print my postage for packages at home. I don't send that many stamped letters to justify having a book or even 10 stamps laying around.
I remember during war time (ok, my great great gran pappy told me :) ) that the US sold War Savings Bonds (War Bonds). Could Postal Money orders act the same way? Sure, they don't generate interest, but it infuses money into the system. Then at a later date, just drop them into your checking account or cash at a post office. The consumer only loses the 1.25 money order fee, but that is cheaper than a book or two of stamps I'm going to lose.
Why wouldn't this work better than buying stamps?
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2020.08.14 05:39 FluffyKuma Feeling a bit overwhelmed by those who... gave birth to mw

I dont get along with my parents at all. They kicked me out at 18 (now 23) because I was dating someone they didnt approve of (my now husband got married in 2017). This is our first baby and when I announced it people told me that they were really rude to them when they would be like "heard you're gonna be a granparent!" They would reply "I am not grandparent to that child" Which quite honestly, didnt hurt me at all, they've done this before where my husband "isnt family to them and never will be" and so I felt I wasnt family to them anymore. I call them by their given names, I dont call them mom and dad because they havent been around for many years. But today they dropped of gifts, which I accepted because we dont have a lot of money and really could use whatever people give us. But they signed it as "mimi, pappy, and aunts and uncles" who do they think they are to call themselves that for my child? Like, they disowned me years ago and when I announced I was pregnant they said they arent grandparents to my child... I feel so overwhelmed by this silly little signed paper, like they feel entitled to be called that... and I'm also really upset at my sister who literally shares everything I talk to her about with them. They know my child's name and I really feel like I cant trust the only person I actually interacted with from my family. I dont need photos of my baby sent to them, I dont need them to know my babys name. They havent cared about me for years so why should I let them have these little joys that I share with the people I'm close to? I told them thank you for the gifts and that I really appreciate them. It's very true, but I just feel like all the abusive memories came flooding back because of their ways of manipulating if that makes sense... Just needed somewhere to get my thoughts out, thanks for reading
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2020.07.10 20:57 erocktj OHLQ Golden Barrel Contest and My Trip to Old Forester

Per some requests, I would like to share my experience winning the OHLQ 42+ magazine Golden Barrel contest.
Photo Album:
I got a call early in the month of January, possibly the 6th from OHLQ. This was around the same time the winners were selected for the BTAC and Pappy lotteries. I thought that maybe they were calling me to tell me I won something from that, but being a previous lottery winner I knew they didn't call to tell you that you won. So, I was very surprised when she told me that I had actually won the Golden Barrel contest. I was given the choice to accompany them on a pick at Woodford Reserve or Old Forester. Since I had already visited Woodford recently, I decided to accept the barrel pick at Old Forester.
I arrived the night before because it is about a 6hr drive for me and checked out the town a bit. When we arrived at OF in the morning(myself along with OHLQ reps, an agency rep, and a Brown-Forman rep), we were greeted by the staff and given a special ticket for our tour of the facility and the barrel selection, which everyone was anxious to get started.
We finished the general tour of the facility, which is a downsized location built in the original spot but is basically used as a sales pitch and tougift shop area. They produce very little here but it was very cool to see all of it, even their experimental aging room. Next came my favorite part of the trip, and no it was not the tasting actually(that was a very close second). They had 3 barrels of the 8 selections set aside in their aging warehouse. I was instructed, along with 2 other guests, to select a barrel, drill it, extract a sample, and plug it back up. This was so cool, I took a quick picture of the barrels and we took our fresh samples to the tasting room, which is adjacent to Jackie Zykan's office - The Master Taster.
Here we were allowed to briefly taste these 3 samples at barrel proof and I knew which one was mine, and it was the best out of the selection so far and everyone agreed. But I didn't want this fact that I now have a personal relationship with barrel #4715 to sway my taste buds. So I tried to remain neutral and unbiased in my tasting. I wanted each of the 8 samples to have a solid chance of being my Golden Barrel selection.
After proofing down the barrel samples, we were given several glencairn glasses and poured our samples in one by one. Once again I knew barrel #4715 was sample 'B', but I didn't let that sway me. We broke them up into two groups for grading, A-D and E-H. I listened to the tour guide(really wish I remembered his name, great guy!) and his tasting notes because I can only assume his pallet is far more advanced than mine. I then created my own grading scale of Smell(5-1) and Taste(5-1) and Grade(1-4).
Samples from A-D received the following: A) 3, 2, 4 B) 4, 3.5, 1 C) 3, 3, 2 D) 3, 3, 3
Samples E-H received the following: E) 3, 3, 2 F) 4, 3.5, 1 G) 3, 2, 3 H) 2, 2.5, 4
We were then instructed as a group to select the best four as we were only selecting four barrels on this visit(I believe). The group agreed that 'B' was the best and I gave this one the Golden Barrel designation. Then was C, E, and F in that order. Unfortunately I do not remember the barrel numbers, I only have B as 4715 and H is 4819.
After that we were treated to lunch at a local BBQ joint and exchanged some contact details for release dates and locations. Well one month later the world went to crap and I lost contact with OHLQ for some time and assumed that this was on hold, possibly indefinitely. Months after that, I did get an email from OHLQ to confirm the release location but no date was given until today. It is slated for release next week.
In summary, I will say this was definitely the coolest thing I have done in my 34 years and as a bourbon lover it couldn't have been a better win for me. Also, the OHLQ reps are a great bunch of people and I really appreciate their outreach for the state of Ohio and their release programs and contests/lotteries they do for us. They really have a good way of getting information to consumers and honestly getting us great bourbon. It's nice to experience a state government agency as normal people who love bourbon and spirits as much as us.

If you have been following along, I have a great update. Long story short, the distribution of barrel #4715 did not make it to the agency that I requested. Some great users in this community were willing to help me locate a bottle and offer advice. I messaged a contact at OHLQ on Tuesday and with quick action, her and others were able to transfer some #4715 to my local agency. I was very impressed, and this just added to the amazing experience and positive outcome. Cheers! I hope you enjoy all the picks!

**Update 2*\*
I was able to get some of #4715 today thanks to everyone involved. I'm really going to enjoy this one more than any else. Cheers!
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2020.07.05 10:29 mirrorsaw Finding: Blanton's

Blanton's has been coming increasingly difficult to find in the US over the past few years as everyone jumped on the ridiculous Pappy/Buffalo Trace bandwagon, stocks are allocated and if they make it to the shelves, they're gone quickly.
In Europe things are a bit calmer, and it requires a little patience but if you're vigilant you can get Blanton's delivered for close to US retail prices.
I emptied my last bottle of Blanton's Original Single Barrel 2 weeks ago and decided it was time to go on the hunt and restock. Here are my findings, for anyone else who may be after a bottle right now:
  1. The 2 biggest shops (Masterofmalt, Thewhiskyexchange) regularly get Blanton's Original in stock, but it goes again within 24-48 hours. If you go on Masterofmalt, to the 'new' section, you can see a couple of dates in June when stock came in, just gotta keep an eye on it. Masterofmalt sells it for £70 and I got 2 bottles from thewhiskyexchange 2 weeks ago for £65 each with free shipping.
  2. Check European shops for Blanton's, you can use Advanced Search in Google to search only France (for example). There is French store that right now has Blanton's Original in stock for eur55, and Blanton's Gold for eur99. I have a bottle of each arriving tomorrow, postage was only eur10 to London, so the total bill was £150. I've never bought from this store before, so if everything arrives as expected tomorrow I'll update the post and share the name.
  3. Selfridges has 'Straight from the Barrel' at £150, never tried it myself but most people say Gold is better anyway. This is obviously a huge markup from US RRP.
  4. Auctions sites (eg. Whisky Hammer, Scotch Whisky Auctions) always have loads of Blanton's being sold, and the bidding actually doesn't get too wild. You'll still end up paying more than the purchase I mentioned in #2 though.
  5. Blanton's Special Reserve is not special.
Edit: can be useful, set region to Europe, obviously it only searches a small portion of online shops.
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2020.06.03 01:59 Zithero Of Nite and Dei: [Chapter 3]

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Jax slammed a headset against a wall in anger, only to have his movement forced into slow-motion. He watched it weightlessly bounce around the room as his light brown eyes sullenly followed the hardware. He continued shouting at Jophiel.
“Her ship survived! How come we haven’t been able to communicate with her?” His coffee-colored wings were fully ruffled, the large feathers prickled in irritation. He folded his sizable arms over his broad chest, glaring at Jophiel for his lack of response. “Why are you so calm?!”
Jophiel sighed and leaned his thin form backward, floating aimlessly through their shared room. He was trying to keep a cool head. He crossed his arms calmly and his cyan wings remained relaxed. “I know you’re upset. Believe me, I am too! But what can we do? Her radio could be damaged. Maybe she’s on the other side of the planet and the signal is being blocked. Or, she could have knocked her head when she landed and she’s out cold... or maybe dead.” He looked to Jax with solemn grey eyes, “We have to accept that as a very real possibility.”
Jax sighed impatiently and whipped out a small tablet-like device. “No, no, how are you not seeing this? Vitals were good when she landed, and then signal loss. She didn’t magically teleport out of range after the landing, Jophiel! And the ship survived the crash, yet somehow the radio is broken. The radio is inside the ship! So explain that??” He held the display screen up, pointing to the parts of the damage report that illustrated his case.
“I can’t explain it! But there are different factors to consider...line of sight loss from the ship to us, or equipment malfunction upon entering an alien atmosphere?” Jophiel heaved a heavy sigh, “She could have been attacked by those Dragons… they could have been there when she crashed. Listen, the techs are trying to get a read on her.”
“Fucking Imps!” Jax shouted, “We’re relying on them? No! This cheap ass company just doesn’t want to pay out the cash to mount a rescue!” he yelled, overcome with disgust.
“It’s not the Imps’ decision Jax,” Jophiel shook his head, “Besides if that was the case then they’d want to send down the vessels. When a miner dies on duty, the payout to the miner's estate is far greater than what it would cost to send a search and rescue team. If they could prevent that, they would - it can’t be about money.”
A gruff voice echoed into the room, soon followed by a heavyset man who floated into the pair’s quarters, “Jax, Jophiel. In my office now. Debrief time. I need to know everything that happened out there.”
Jax nodded seriously and pushed himself off the wall, floating through the doorway after his supervisor. Jophiel followed behind until they reached a large cylinder. Here, the three managed to gently glide to the floor. The boss’s office was within a large portion of the ship which spun gently, creating a weak gravity field that held them down to the floor. A table and chairs were arranged, bolted to the floor.
The supervisor, Sachiel, picked up a clipboard, “Let’s start with Jophiel’s report.”
“Why the hell not mine!” Jax interjected.
Sachiel looked at Jax and sighed, “Because, Elijah, I want accuracy over passion. You appear to be clouded by emotion.”
Jax growled, “It’s Jax, Sir.”
Sachiel stood with a clipboard in hand. A pen sat near it, tethered to the board by a thin cord. “Jophiel, describe how your crew leader’s ship was lost.”
Jax interrupted, ignoring Sachiel’s instruction, “Sir, we were all preparing to return to the freighter, then Yuki reported she was in trouble. Upon my observation, it initially looked like a collision had occurred. She then reported that the asteroid she hit was magnetized and she was unable to disengage… the collision sent her ship and the asteroid into a degenerative orbit and…”
“She fell.” Sachiel finished. “Obviously, the asteroid was magnetite and she got herself trapped in its magnetic field. Boys, we take this very seriously. Nothing of this nature has happened before, we couldn’t have anticipated such an event...the Company is already evaluating its protocol to better ensure avoiding such accidents in the future,” he looked at Jophiel, “Do you agree with his account of events?”
Jophiel gave a silent nod, his eyes downcast.
“Okay, great. Anything else?” Sachiel questioned brusquely, already putting his notes away.
Jax cleared his throat, “Yes. We requested to initiate a recovery maneuver but Yuki herself ordered us to stand down. She advised that such an attempt would fail, that under the circumstances we would become trapped as well. She was brave, thinking of her crew above herself and…” he trailed off.
Jophiel agreed, “Yes. If we had proceeded with an extraction attempt, it’s likely that the asteroid had a strong enough magnetic field to draw both of our ships as well. We’d all have fallen.”
Sachiel blinked several times and dutifully jotted it all down.
Jax gathered himself and cleared his throat, continuing more forcefully, “Her com was cutting out due to the magnetic field so Jophiel was given number one status. We were ordered immediately back to the freighter with no consideration regarding Yuki’s distress, and he was shut down when he asked for an action plan. She fell soon afterward. Instruments confirmed her vitals were good when she landed, the ship remained intact, but the coms were still out - the interference would no longer be an issue after the asteroid burned up so there’s something-”
“I see. Thank you for the report. I’m going to radio HQ to let them know,” Sachiel interrupted. “You two sit tight and I’ll keep you up to date if there’s any news… let's hope Ms. Karkade is okay or at least-.” he trailed off abruptly and cleared his throat.
Jax glared at Sachiel, “At least what?”
Sachiel heaved a sigh, “At least, let's hope she didn’t suffer.”

Yuki lay in her shelter, cold and hungry, continuing to reminisce about her life on Dei and wondering if her final days would really be spent on a dirt floor on Nite. “Daddy…” she whispered, pretending that he could somehow hear her.
Yuki bounced a chubby little baby with blond hair and blue eyes on her lap, eyeing her husband Aphod as he returned to the austere waiting room. “Well?” she demanded anxiously. “Why did Dad want to see you alone?”
He sighed, “It’s nothing for you to be concerned with, dear… he just had some last words for me. Pearls of wisdom, you know?”
Yuki frowned at the vague answer but didn’t press the matter. She turned her attention back to Geoffrey, the baby on her lap, “Are you ready to see Grandpa?” she sang, booping him on the nose. The baby cooed and laughed a bit.
Ceilia frowned, reaching over to stroke the boy’s hair. “I don’t know why you brought your son to witness his Pappy dying.”
Aphod stiffened, “He wanted to see the baby, Mom. Geoffrey doesn’t know what’s happening, what’s the harm?”
Ceilia rolled her eyes, “A hospital is no place for the baby, unless he’s sick himself. You can tell that man ‘no’ at least once, Yuki. It is possible. Geoffrey shouldn’t be subjected to this,” she grumbled.
Yuki sighed, “I… you know I can’t refuse him, Mom.”
“It’s possible!” Ceilia insisted, “I did. I told him ‘No’ once. I told him so long ago. It ended in divorce but it worked.”
Yuki stood up, feeling suddenly exhausted, “Listen, can you two please head home? I just… I want to be with him when he… you know.” She looked at Aphod pleadingly.
Aphod sighed, “Mom, the decision has been made. Geoff will be fine. Come on, I’ll take you home.” He looked at his wife with concern, “You going to be okay, Love?”
Yuki nodded gratefully. She and Geoffrey were soon alone in the waiting room. Yuki fished her phone from her purse and placed yet another call to her brother as they made their way down the hall toward Cedrick’s room.
Predictably, it went to voicemail, causing a flash of rage to overtake her as she growled quietly into the phone. “Where in oblivion are you? How can you be so selfish! Dad is on his deathbed and you haven’t even stopped by! They said he doesn’t have long! Hours maybe! Whatever you’re doing right now just cancel it! Get down here now!” She hung up the phone and looked at the door to her father’s hospital room. She took a deep breath, hugged Geoffrey, and carried him in.
Labored breathing and the sound of machinery in the background filled the room. A single soft white light by the bed cast stark shadows on her father’s face.
Cedrick stirred softly, and looked up at Yuki, smiling softly. “Morning, honey…”
“It’s… late actually,” Yuki said in a somber tone.
Cedrick chuckled. “I’d have thought you’d have gone home then…”
Yuki gently placed the baby on the bed next to her father before moving to sit next to him. “I’m not going anywhere, Daddy.”
Cedrick nodded, taking her hand with his free hand as she sat down, not taking his eyes off his grandson. “Beautiful little boy, our Geoffrey.”
Yuki nodded and wiped a tear from her eye. “Yeah… I just wish you could see him grow up,” she sniffled.
“I know, honey. It’s just not something that we can control,” Cedrick reassured her.
Yuki sighed and anxiously looked at her phone.
“You shouldn’t worry… I’ve spoken to your brother… he has other responsibilities.”
Yuki gasped, “What? Nothing’s more important than this, Dad! You’re... dying... Why wouldn’t he want to be here? Why are you defending him?”
He smiled weakly, “Because, dear, I told him not to come… Yuki, my daughter, you need to forgive him. Your brother has more on his plate then you know.”
Yuki’s voice rose with emotion, “More on his plate? I put off my launch! I was about to be shot up into space and I took a 90-day leave from work to catch the next flight! I put my life on hold, as anyone would do for a sick parent! He should do the same! I have a child and a husband! A whole family, Dad! What does he have? What responsibilities? To whom, exactly? What can’t wait? I-” she sucked in a breath and stopped talking. She did not want to spend her last moments with her father complaining about her brother. She was suddenly overcome with guilt and sorrow. “I’m sorry,” she said softly.
Cedrick coughed, “Death… is never convenient.”
A light knock on the door caused Yuki to jump up in surprise. The nurses were told not to enter unless called for. To her bewilderment, an Imp stood in the doorway. He stood about 120cm and he wore a formal tuxedo. He had a pair of short black horns on the top of his head, which gave way to a balding patch of hair on his bluish skin. Before she could say anything, however, he just walked in.
The Imp stopped, fiddling with a small object in his leather-gloved hands as he glanced at Cedrick nervously. “Grand Patriarch?”
Cedrick coughed, “Grand what? This is my grandson if that’s what you mean.”
Yuki looked him up and down with some contempt. Imps only served roles of laborers or house servants. What was this one doing barging into this private moment? She knew her father did not have Imp friends. “Who are you?” she demanded.
The Imp looked at Cedrick, ignoring her, “Ahem. This is… a present. From the club, Sir. Considering the...unfortunate circumstance.” He placed a small vial filled with blue liquid on the bedside table.
Cedrick nodded, “My daughter, Gibbs.”
The Imp, Gibbs, finally looked at Yuki, “Pleased to meet you, Miss.”
“Mrs.” Yuki and Cedrick said in unison, correcting the small fellow.
Gibbs fidgeted awkwardly. “My apologies.”
Cedrick spoke up, “She hasn’t been to the club.”
Gibbs bowed slightly and then left without saying another word.
Yuki picked Geoffrey up from the bed and sat back down, looking at her father in confusion. She looked at the vial warily, pleased the little creature was no longer in her presence. “So… you’re part of some exclusive Imp drug cult?”
Cedrick laughed and looked at the vial. “Certainly not…a friend of mine’s son. He used to play cards with me… a botanist.” He motioned to the vial. “Keeps telling me that things like this will help to ‘ease my transition’ to the afterlife. Make me… calmer, clear my head, dull the pain.”
Yuki was having difficulty piecing together what her father was saying, and it worried her. “Dad…” she leaned in closer to him.
Cedrick took the vial and shakily handed it to Yuki, gently closing her hand around it. “You keep it. Consider it a keepsake.”
Yuki inspected the vial in her hand, surprised at its weight for such a small object. It was capped by a cork that looked to be sealed in wax. The fluid inside had odd silver structures floating within it. “…What is it?” she asked curiously.
“Never thought it polite to ask,” Cedrick coughed and then heaved harshly. “Oh… feeling a… yes, I think… I know this feeling. it’s time.”
Yuki squeezed his hand, “Daddy, no…”
“…I… you know now that… the moment… is here.” He coughed and squeezed Yuki’s hand. “I’m… I’m afraid,” he whispered hoarsely.
Yuki whimpered as tears leaked from her eyes. “It’s okay, Daddy… You’ll be fine when the Guardian takes you. You were a good man, a good father.”
“Was I? Was I truly…?”
Yuki smiled, “Yes. You’re a good man…”
“But… you don’t know… what I have done.”
“Don’t be silly, you haven’t done anything,” she insisted.
Cedrick smiled, “But then… maybe that’s why… I was a good man.” The machine flat-lined, and he relaxed and went limp.
Yuki fell against her father’s body and sobbed.
After almost an hour of signing papers, Yuki stood outside the hospital waiting for Aphod to pick her up when her phone finally rang. She picked it up quickly and spoke harshly, “Now you call?”
A man’s voice answered, “I was in an important meeting. How’s dad?”
“Dad? Oh, he’s dead,” Yuki said shortly.
“What?” The voice on the other side sounded shocked.
“I said Dad is dead, he died. He died and it would have been nice if his only son might have canceled his fucking appointments and actually, I don’t know, showed up! But you know what, I guess that was too much for you to handle! You probably won’t even come to the guardian-damn funeral!”
“Hey, that’s not fair, listen-”
“No. I’m done, so done. I’m done with you. You stood me up at my wedding, and now this?? Do whatever you want to, big brother. Because I want nothing to do with you!” She chuckled bitterly, “You know, even a damn Imp who knew Father managed to show up! He even brought a gift!”
“An Imp showed our father more respect than his own son! Think about that, you prick!” Yuki hung up the phone with anger and what may have even been hatred in her heart.
On Nite, Yuki wiped away a tear, “Asshole.” She sat up, now shouting, “You’re an asshole! I’m stranded here and you do nothing! Why do you hate your family so much?! What did we ever do to you?!” She stood up and yanked her necklace up over her suit. She looked at the vial dangling from the silver chain, brushing over it with her fingertips. “Easing the transition huh?” She picked up her radio and cursed, “Are you fuckers even looking for me? What, is it too expensive to come to save me? Fuck you!” She ranted wildly, “I’m shouting at nothing, aren’t I? Nothing!”
“I’m shouting at nothing, aren’t I? Nothing!” The radio monitoring station relayed the end of the message.
A controller logged the entry, shaking his head as he typed up the foul language. He handed it off to another technician, for processing. Both of these men were small, squat creatures. One’s skin was a tan hue while the other’s bordered on yellow. Each had short impish horns.
One Imp picked up the phone and spoke softly to a man on the other end. “Sir, I assure you she managed to, somehow, survive. Yes, she found the weapon, we heard it discharge, but we heard more activity afterward. It wasn’t used for its...intended purpose. I just sent you the full report. Have you read the...yes, I’m certain she said ‘ease the transition’. Of course, Sir, those precise words. Yessir.” The Imp hung up and looked at his colleague, “Our orders are to keep ears on her, make sure we can place a precise time of death… she can’t last much longer.”
The other Imp technician sighed, “Her crew is getting really restless.”

In the crowded conference room, harsh white fluorescent lights shone down on a black and white polished marble table. Black was the dominant color of the shiny slab of stone, with streaks of milky white stone twisting and weaving its way through, splashing the obsidian surface like swirls of cream through black tar. This table was a massively long and ostentatious thing, sprawling across the room with enough space to comfortably seat fifty individuals. Endless rows of posh black leather chairs were neatly arranged on each side, with two larger white leather chairs at the head of the table.
All of these chairs were occupied by male Dei Angels in expensive dark-colored suits, along with a small smattering of female Angels in equally expensive power suits. Every attendee wore an identical gold pin on their lapel. All of the suits worn were clearly custom-tailored, brand new by top designers, and flawless in appearance. However, the men and women wearing them were hardly without flaw.
Of the many old and agitated faces that lined the table, the eldest and youngest of the men sat at each head. The oldest gentleman sat at the beginning of the table, closest to the door. His outline was flanked by the twin white marble pillars on either side of the closed door. A few looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to start the meeting, while others talked amongst themselves.
His grey wings wilted behind him like flower petals in a vase of roses left out too many days. The feathers had grown sparse in his advanced age, some were reduced to only a shaft with little or no fluff along the sides. His hair was equally thin on the top of his head and completely devoid of color. His skin bore wrinkles of the experience of many years. His eyes, brown and sunken, were framed by skin as smooth as an uncured slice of leather left to bake in the hot sun. His thin lips surrounded yellowed teeth, and a thinning white mustache was barely noticeable against his pale skin.
Under his nose ran a pair of plastic tubes connected to a single bit of plastic going into each nostril. An oxygen tank sat to his right, and he steadied himself with a gold-tipped cane on his left as he rose to his feet.
A few minor arguments and animated discussions surged along the length of the table. When the voices reached a cacophony that was indistinguishable from speech, the elderly man huffed in disapproval. He moved his hand to grasp a large wooden cylinder in the shape of an hourglass. He rose the hourglass high in the air and smacked it hard against the sturdy marble table, drawing the attention of all the voices that were scattered everywhere just moments ago.
The old man spoke, his voice booming loud across the room so that even the farthest person could hear him quite clearly, “If you are all quite finished with your childish bickering, perhaps we can use this precious time for our emergency meeting of the Order of the Scale, which is now officially called to order!”
All eyes focused on him, even that of Erik Jacob Sorjoy, the youngest man in the room, who sat opposite of the elderly member.
Next to Sorjoy sat a rather rotund Dei Angel with brown hair and dusty grey wings. He looked toward the elderly man but leaned back in his chair so he still had the ability to peer at Sorjoy with his peripheral vision. He was built more broadly than Sorjoy, heavier, stuffed into his suit, with a cigar sticking out of his lapel pocket. This man sitting next to Sorjoy was Albert Hoffman, CEO of Sorjoy’s rival company, Dei Mining Incorporated. Sorjoy was aware of Hoffman’s side-eye, but ignored him, giving his full attention to the speaker.
The elderly gentleman conducting the meeting was Reginald Truman, the wealthiest individual in all of Dei, and by far the most powerful. As he stood before the membership still holding the hourglass firmly in his grasp, he commanded the council entirely, demonstrating that the only thing he was unable to dominate was clasped tightly in his fist.
“We are here to speak of two very important circumstances. Our first order of business, as you all well know, is the fall of the asteroid miner onto Nite,” he announced. While his voice carried power and volume, it was clear that maintaining this action caused him considerable strain.
The room erupted into a fervor of conversation once more. Truman’s cylinder again slammed onto the marble table, shaking it beneath everyone’s hands.
“Order!” His voice thundered through the room leaving the sounds of agonizing inhalations of breath. The council could sense the tension rippling off of Truman, and silence soon settled over the room.
An angry voice spoke up from halfway down the table, “How could such a thing occur? Why are our miners so close to the Niten orbit in the first place?”
Sorjoy was about to stand and answer but Hoffman, sensing his rival’s intention, did so first. As Hoffman stood a murmur rippled across the room.
“Because we have mined out all of our near-planetary minerals. Those resources are exhausted, completely depleted. Since we obviously cannot have our industry come to a grinding halt, we opted to expand operations to mine the asteroid fields closer to Nite.”
Sorjoy, not to be outdone, also spoke up, “Additionally, this has the added benefit of protecting Nite from falling meteors.”
Another voice, a tall man in a police uniform of the highest command stood. Gabrial Palma, Commissioner of the Northern District, stood up and shouted, “But not from falling miners!”
Hoffman’s shit-eating grin was apparent as he replied, “I agree, it is sheer incompetence that a miner fell, and now we find ourselves in this emergency meeting. We have removed most of the safety equipment… at least on my mining ships.” He shot a pointed look at Sorjoy. “But then again, it was not one of my ships that fell, for if one of mine had fallen the miner would not have survived. And we would not be in this predicament.”
Sorjoy was having no more of this perceived slander and stood up to face Hoffman as the council watched, now with rapt attention. “That is a ridiculous assertion! My employees happen to be more educated, therefore more focused, and we all know they are more productive. This is why my company is historically more successful,” he replied smugly as Hoffman rolled his eyes. Sorjoy continued his rebuttal, “As a more competent workforce, they are inclined to do inspections of their ships prior to launch. As they are not the bunch of buffoons that you employ, Brother Hoffman, I have to keep the bare minimums in place.” He sat back down, looking at Truman, who stared back at him stone-faced.
“Historically... indeed!” his rival sneered, “Well, currently, Fondsworth Inc, is bleeding capital,” Hoffman snarked.
Sorjoy leaned back in his chair, his gaze now hardening on Hoffman, “For now,” he hissed.
The hourglass struck the table again. “Enough! Brother Sorjoy!”
Sorjoy quickly stood again, “Yes, Grand Patriarch?”
“As this occurred on your watch, you shall be the one to resolve the situation - to the fullest of your ability,” Truman narrowed his greying eyes on Sorjoy, “You will do so while strictly abiding by our bylaws and tenets,” Truman barked.
Sorjoy nodded and slightly bowed his head, “Of course, Grand Patriarch.”
Hoffman was taken aback at this turn of events. He looked at Truman in disbelief and sputtered, “Respectfully, Grand Patriarch, if I may… Brother Sorjoy clearly has an extreme conflict of interest here. I am best equipped to properly handle this situation!”
Truman’s gaze did not leave Sorjoy, “It is that exact conflict that Brother Sorjoy now must overcome. Brother Hoffman, it is decided and not up for debate!” he snapped.
There were minor murmurs and whispers of dissent before Truman spoke again.
“This will be the final trial that Brother Sorjoy will face to earn his father’s seat, the hallowed seat that I only tentatively hold in the interim. When he is successful, he will take up the torch of Grand Patriarch.”
A reverent silence befell the council.
“Protect Nite, at all costs.” The room recited the first tenet. “Protect Nite from Dei.” Again the room repeated their chant. “Conceal Nite from Dei.” Another verse, recited from memory. “And above all else… ensure no one outside the Order of the Scale lives to bear witness of Nite.” The council chanted a final reprise of the last tenet.
Then the entire room spoke loudly, in unison, “A thousand feathers for a single scale.”
When the ritual reached its completion, Truman looked at Sorjoy gravely. “Ensure that you do not deviate, Brother Sorjoy, not even a little. Your appointment as your father’s successor is contingent on the cleanup of this situation being perfectly executed.”
Sorjoy nodded, “Yes Mr. Truman, I will ensure that I follow the Order’s tenets to the letter.” There was murmuring throughout the room.
Truman nodded, satisfied. “Our previous Patriarch would honor the decision you have made, son. Ensure that all your actions going forward continue to honor him.”
Sorjoy stood near the elevator, staring at the lighted indicator above the doors while waiting for them to open. Prior to the elevator’s arrival, a tall Dei Angel that resembled Gabrial Palma caught up with him. He was a beast of a man compared to the more average-sized Sorjoy. His black hair, greased tightly over the top of his head, did not quite match the even deeper pitch-black of his large and powerful wings. “Mr. Sorjoy,” he greeted.
“Palma,” Sorjoy said curtly, giving him a nod.
Azrael Palma was the son of Police Commissioner Gabrial Palma, and the current Police Chief of the Northern District, where Sorjoy currently resided. “Quite the workload yah got fer yourself,” he commented.
“Indeed,” Sorjoy said absent-mindedly. He was distracted by the stress of the burdensome and difficult task now upon him.
The elevator doors chimed, opened, and both men strode in.
Sorjoy stared up at the display as the doors closed. After a moment of silence, he began to vent a bit, “To add to my aggravation, my Executive Assistant just proved herself entirely incompetent… I’ll need a new one shortly.”
Palma nodded, “Got a pretty one lined up? Always nice to have eye candy around the office, right?” Palma snickered and nudged Sorjoy with his elbow, waggling his eyebrows.
Sorjoy’s face remained stalwart. “I have no one yet… unfortunately, my HR department only just began reviewing resumes. Trying to find someone well-qualified and with a good head on her shoulders, willing to work at or under market value…” a slight smile finally played across his face, “…and blonde.”
Palma’s smile unexpectedly faded, he shifted on his feet a moment before speaking again. “Well, that’s interesting actually… I may just call in a favor then…I have a request.”
Surprised, Sorjoy raised an eyebrow, “A favor? What?”
“I have a referral I’d like you to hire for the position, with no questions asked. She can start immediately and she fits your criteria. In a way, I’m doing you a favor by bringing her to you.”
Sorjoy frowned, disconcerted, “Palma, this is not the situation to gamble favors, I need the position to be filled by someone extremely trustworthy and able to work under pressure.”
Palma nodded, his demeanor unusually serious, “Yes, Mr. Sorjoy. My referral is all that and more. My only stipulation is you skip the entire interview process. Keep her on for three months and I promise you she’ll prove her worth.”
Sorjoy sighed, “Very well then. Give me her name and number, and inform her she’ll be receiving a call. I’ll tell HR that I’m hiring my own talent from outside the Company. And you owe me now,” he added.
Palma’s smile returned, “Her name is Cleopatra Cassandra Walters… and she has white hair.”
Sorjoy cracked a grin, “White?” He was pleased to hear it.
The phone rang, its shrill tone cutting through the quiet, darkened room. A young woman’s face was comfortably buried in a pink satin-covered pillow. Her long white hair lay wrapped neatly in a stocking that held it in place, preventing unsightly tangles or frizz. Her beautifully-manicured hand reached clumsily for the ringing phone, feeling around in the dark. It was very early in the morning, too early for the phone to be interrupting her slumber. Her delicate fingers located the phone and brought it lazily to her ear. She grumbled sleepily into the small cell phone. “What!?”
Palma’s voice boomed over the line. “You’re gonna get another call in ten minutes.”
“How the fuck did you get this number?” The young woman growled. “I thought I made it pretty clear the last time… that was the last time I ever wanted to see you, no matter how much you were going to pay me. Did I forget to mention that includes hearing from you too!?” she snapped.
Palma ignored her tirade, “You’re gonna get another call in ten minutes, Cleo. They’re going to tell you that you have a job at Fondsworth. If they ask, you’re to tell them your resume is missing work time because of a family emergency that you had to deal with after school. Tell them you graduated. Doctor the resume however you want if needed, but they probably won’t even ask to see a copy.”
The pale-haired beauty groaned, “A background check will show the truth pretty quick, Azrael.”
“No background check,” he replied triumphantly.
The young woman fell silent. “What is this for? What’s your angle?” She sat up, white wings shifting in the moonlight.
“Executive Assistant. Starting salary three hundred kilo a year, clean money, no sex, no parading yourself around in an evening dress and heels either. It’s legit work.”
The woman blinked the sleep from her stunning violet eyes. “Okay. You have my attention.”

Yuki, feeling the futility of her predicament, tossed her radio across her shelter and wrapped her golden wings around herself in a hug. She hadn’t slept on a real bed in weeks, and the sudden inclusion of gravity and the hard ground was depriving her of much-needed rest.
Her water supply was running low, and her thirst was growing urgent. She had been holed up in her shelter for far too long, as she greatly feared to venture out due to the rippers, Dragons, and countless other hazards in the alien world. Would she survive another trip to the lake? Her ship stuck out quite prominently, still likely floating where it had made it’s less than graceful crash land. Going back there seemed unwise, but without water, she could not survive much longer. The combination of the uncertainty, fear, and thirst was driving her mad.
While she was doing her best to make do with the carved meat from the ripper she killed and the last remaining fruit, her stomach growled and complained about the tough protein-rich meat. To make matters worse, she was stricken yet again with what were now recurring stomach aches.
“I have to get out of here… I have to get some water…” she rocked back and forth, groaning as her stomach pains redoubled. She heaved a sigh, a tear rolling down her cheek. “…This is it, isn't it?”
The sunshine slowly streamed in from the top of Yuki’s shelter and she looked up at the warm rays, The Sun, it was the only thing constant in this strange place… it was still her Sun - the same one that shone at home. This small comfort did little to ease her troubles, as the pain in her stomach and throat was maddening. She shivered, despite the warm rays of her Sun, as she rocked back and forth in a self-soothing motion. And then, like a whisper carried in on the breeze, her father’s words came to her.
Ease the transition.
Yuki pulled the necklace she wore up and looked at the small blue vial. “…die of thirst, stomach virus, or… or die while tripping out on something that could easily be poison.” Yuki closed her eyes tightly. “My own terms, right?”
She tugged at the top of the vial, removing the wax covering with the small blade on her multi-tool. She gazed at the liquid as it hypnotically swirled around inside, the strange metal-like flakes moving about the liquid as if they had a mind of their own. She held it up to the light, blue fractals shimmering across her face. “…sorry Geoffrey. Mommy tried…” Her stomach groaned and she grunted, quickly quaffing the liquid and swallowing it down. The first thing that hit her was an intense bitterness swirling over her tongue followed by a sweetness that was almost completely overpowering.
Yuki fell to her knees and wretched, though oddly nothing seemed to come out as she did so. She fell onto her side and coughed roughly, the pain in her stomach intensifying in a way she had never felt. Tears streamed from her eyes.
“That was a bad idea,” Yuki thought, “don’t drink the crap under the shelf… oh… this is it isn’t it…? Is this the end yet? Please… Please tell me this is almost over!”
The pain abruptly stopped. Yuki opened her eyes and everything seemed silent and still. She stood up slowly, looking around her shelter. She felt her stomach, no longer feeling the strange pains and gurgling as she did before. She turned around, expecting to see her body lying beneath her, but saw nothing but the wall of her shelter.
The shelter melted around her, swirling and undulating in a burst of vibrant colors. Yuki gasped as the wall remnants oozed down to the ground. The landscape of the forest reclaimed her surroundings. As she glanced upwards the roof had vanished, a very strange, yet oddly familiar sensation began to pass through her in waves.
From her head to her toes, her skin began to prickle. It was as if she was being drenched in scalding water, and Yuki couldn’t help but take a sharp inhale, her wings spreading wide out of sheer reflex.
Her heart was racing, her wings began to flap on their own accord. Yuki’s feet struggled as she found herself leaving the ground, “Wait! Wait I haven’t tried to fly since I was a kid! I-” Yuki’s body surged with calm energy, and a shiver passed through her as the air passed over her feathers.
“Oh, Guardian why haven’t I tried to fly since I was a kid?” she smiled, overjoyed, placing her feet together as she remembered doing in her youth, and promptly soared into the air, higher than physically possible.
Yuki’s heart was in her throat as she soared over the tree-line, her eyes tearing up as she wondered why she had not tried to fly in so long. The pressure of work, of constantly training for long missions in a cramped spaceship. None required her wings, but still, the question finally came to her, and felt like an epiphany: “How did I forget how to fly?”
“Either way, I’m going to have fun!” Yuki gave a powerful, gleeful flap of her wings, soared even higher vertically, and gasped as the world around her turned to a blur.
She was flying far faster than she should have been able to do so, and now Yuki was certain that this was a vision. She soared up into the sky, watching as the blue hue of the sky darkened and the black void of space rushed down to greet her like a long-lost friend.
Yuki grinned with delight, “Can I fly home?” With another excited flap of her now-magnificent wings, the stars turned into streaks in her vision, and she couldn’t help but cry out in excitement as she barreled through the void and soon spotted the small amber orb of her home growing larger and larger.
As she propelled toward her beloved Dei at an impossible speed, she finally pierced the atmosphere and smiled wide, tears streaking down her face as the familiar yellowish hue of the sky greeted her vision. She laughed wildly as she flew faster towards the ground, a wide smile on her face as she ducked and weaved along the roads, making her way into the dense city that she called home.
Upon seeing her town-house, Yuki could not resist doing a loop, landing in front of her home on one knee, a fist to the ground. She grinned to herself as she stood, flexing her hand, “I always wanted to do that…” she looked to the ground, chuckling as it seemed she had cracked the street from her impact. She looked up at the tan sky. “Home… I’m home!” she shouted gleefully.
Yuki dashed up the steps of her home and shoved the door open, “Aphod? Geoffrey!? Mommy’s home! I’m alive, and I’m back!”
However, upon opening the door a bright white light blinded her.
As her eyes adjusted, she found she was no longer at the threshold of her home.
She didn’t appear to be anywhere. The room was white, with no discernable corners or ceiling or even floor. Yuki looked behind her and saw an endless sea of white going behind her as well. As she turned forward a towering Dei angel sat on a comfortable looking leather chair.
The chair had white leather, to match the room, and the man had on a white three-piece suit, even white leather shoes. His hair was blond, his wings a bright white, almost blending in with the surroundings, and his eyes shined a bright violet.
“Ah, Yuki,” he smiled wide, “Welcome.”
Yuki frowned, “who are you?”
“Yuki, I’m not surprised you don’t recognize me,” he chuckled, “I’m your Guardian, Lucifer.”
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2020.05.25 16:50 GGallowBoob Almost Famous - Indepth with Caelynn Recap

EDIT: Formatting

Trigger Warning

  • Assault happened in university
  • Because Trump owned Miss USA, people told her not to make it her platform
  • Wanted girls to know about this and be knowledgeable and know what to do if this happened to them
  • Went to the hospital together with her friends after it happened. Is grateful she had people to go through the trauma with. Didnt call her mom in the hospital
  • Hospital refused to give her a test without a police report. She was turned away which is illegal. She refused to pay the bill and is still fighting the bill today.
Friendship with Hannah
  • She is not confrontational. Hannah would do things during the pageant that bothered her and she would just avoid discussing it. Their friendship began to feel competitive. She got really quiet during the show prep. Hannah was super talkative and wanted people to hype her. Caelynn doesn’t think Hannah was doing anything intentional to bother her. She was way too “passive” to express her frustrations with HB.
  • She knew that Hannah made it to the final round of casting when they entered the casting office at the same time and recognized each other. She thinks the producers noticed something was up when they saw them together.
  • On the first night she told producers that she knew Hannah and that she wasn’t worried.
  • At the pirate date, she was still going through the stuff about her assault. Got a call that day about settling with the case. Colton pulls her aside that day about Hannah. She didn’t want to talk about it because she was emotional about the assuallt and that’s why she was so standoffish. She wasn’t trying to be manipulative that day.
  • Producers said they’d never had this issue where two contestants had beef before the show. It was her idea to pull Hannah to the side and discuss things.
  • Wouldn’t have been friends regardless of the show. Would have gone their separate ways after the pageant.
  • Found out that HB was ette at WTA
  • She really thought she had the gig because she wast top 4. She got a call that it wasn’t her.
Colton’s Season
  • Applied for the show while she was still being Miss NC. Her pageant director didn't tell her about Hannah. Director just said that she had to be back to crown the new Miss NC, but when it was time for her to come back, Caelynn was in Vietnam. She didn’t want to leave because she thought she loved Colton.
  • She was not excited it was Colton. Hoped it was Jason and told him so early on. Wouldn’t have worked out if she was f1 with Colton.
  • Most of the girls didn’t care about Colton.
  • Her feelings for Colton were real. Colton was good at making people feel special.
  • There were no tensions with Caelynn/Cassie and the rest of the house until the end. They stayed good friends by not talking about their relationship.
  • She didn’t think that Cassie was as strong with Colton as it was. Cassie, herself, wavered on if she'd actually be F1.
  • Thought that HG would be F1
  • When Colton dumped her she wanted to come back because she was for sure it was a mistake. She called producers every day for 5 days and they told her they will see how Colton feels before bringing her back. She got over her feelings by WTA.
  • She was emotional at WTA in hopes of being bachelorette. She tried to be dramatic to prove to people that she wasn’t fake and that her feelings were real.
Post Season
  • Found out that that Cassie was F1. She felt uncomfortable but wanted to be happy for her.
  • Still good friends with Cassie but their friendship has changed since they aren’t around each other 24/7
  • Hasn’t heard much about Colton’s book.
  • She hates reliving the Bachelor. She said she was so young and didn’t know herself. She’s more mature now.
  • She has shaken off the pageantry side of her and likes that Dean encourages her to be herself and “not wear makeup”
Paradise & Dean
(They didn’t get into any Blake stuff)
  • Met Dean before the show in March.
  • Was a mess when she met Dean that day in paradise because of Blake stuff and drinking too much.
  • She asked a producer if they actually were on a date or if it was just a friend thing.
  • Dean told all his friends that he wasn’t going to get in a relationship and that's why he left.
  • Ashley I told Caelynn at the wedding that Dean wasn’t ready for a relationship.
  • She kept crying after Dean left. “Connor was second place” for her.
  • Wanted to be a "cool girl" when Dean came back for her.
  • Post paradise, She does love him. Told him first. Dean didn’t tell her back when she first told him. She didn't clarify if they say it now but I think he does love her now and tells her. eta: he told her later
  • Calls Pappy her son. She and Dean take lots of photos of him. Pappy is officially adopted.
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2020.05.16 20:15 DocMcGuffin 2200 UTC May 17th 2020 Route 66 Side Story: Blast from the Past

AKA 6:00 PM May 17th US Eastern.
Players: 3-4 (picks in 1.5 Hour before session) 2 already picked
Location: Pappy Pitty’s Playground
Threat: High
Objective: Clear the bunker
Themes: Exploration
GM Style Sheet: Doc McGuffins
`You have one message from the Shadowhaven app'
Hey Ya’ll Pitty here, I was moving some junk around in my yard and found this metal thing in it. I don’t have time to check it out, but I’m pretty sure I can hear some groaning under it. I’ll pay ya’ll well as normal to just check it out.
Optional RP Prompts:
What is your response to the run?
Please list the following: Role, date of last run, top 3 dice pools, the date you last played and if the character has had less than 3 runs. Please include a link to your wiki page as well.
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2020.05.08 19:42 NikkiT96 Having my husband play Undertale for the first time.

He has no spoilers, I made sure of that. If you want I can update you as he plays. So far he's gotten through the ruins, killed Toriel, went back, and had me help him save her. He got mad at me because I've been voice acting for him this whole time and made him feel really bad while she was dying. He's in the middle of Snowden now, he likes Sans and thinks he's funny. He's still killing every monster he comes across because he wants to level up.

EDIT 1: He came across Greater Dog. To quote. "It's a puppy." ... "That is not a puppy!"
EDIT 2: He fought Papyrus and asked me what I should do. I tried to make him choose himself but he refused. I told him to spare him. He did not go back to hang out with Papp.
EDIT 3: He saw Pappy after going to Grillby's and decided to hang out with him. He missed the date scene but found the sock joke absolutely hilarious.
EDIT 4: He looked up the dog shrine and went back to Pappy. We are now wasting a lot of time putting money in the box. This is going to take a while.
EDIT 5: We're in hotlands now. He hasn't shown much reaction to Alphys or Mettaton yet.
EDIT 6: He's fighting Mettaton EX. He's having a rough time because he doesn't have many healing items. We haven't taken a break and my throat is really starting to hurt.
EDIT 7: He's fighting Azgore now. His reaction's to the meaning of EXP and LOVE was priceless. Just like everyone else and I loved it. He really wants to play without gaining EXP now. Hopefully not tonight though! My voice is spent!
EDIT 8: He thought there was going to be a way to choose to stay in the underground. Nope. He's taking a break after dying a few times to Omega Flowey.
EDIT 10: He beat Omega Flowey and is considering doing the other endings but had me spoil them for him because he's not so sure. It was a lot of fun to watch him and I hope he does the other routes. Right now he's doing Pasifist but isn't 100% committed to it.
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2020.04.28 17:33 yeahmakessenseyeah An evening with a powerful man

Sit right there, girl, Lemme put some music on. Aw yeah— Tchaikowsky, Symphony 5. Mmh. That’s my shit. Mvmt 2, the solo horn— My spirit soar, babe, my spirit soar. Dance with me? No? That’s all right, hunny, You just sit there and watch daddy do his thing. Yeah, you like what you see? How my shape contorts under the influence of incorporeal forces? Ooh, didja see that?— That thing I did, perfectly in synch with the resolution? Didja see it? That little hip thing? That was tight. Aw, damn that oboe— Made me lose my groove. Sorry, babe. But that’s all right. While the ramen’s boiling, We can occupy ourselves with more important things. Let’s talk about you, girl— But first, Let’s talk about me. My genealogy is littered with absences, traces, voids. According to the family archives (Location undisclosed, baby, meowww), I’m the descendant of high priests from the ancient continent of Lemuria. My ancestors hid out in the underground city of Shamballah While they waited out the effects of the cataclysm. It is said that our blood is mixed with that of the advanced races of Agharta— Even priests need company underground, baby, aha, rrroww. Aw, babe—didja hear that? How Tchaikowsky just inverted that theme? Didja hear that shit? Phenomenal, gal, Almost as pretty as you are. That’s a nice necklace— I’ll buy you a better one for our next date. A little collar for my little girl, aha. Hush, hunny, where was I?— Oh yes. After dabbling with some of that Atlantean-Egyptian sorcery, All earthly traces of my ancestors vanished for over 5000 years. It is conjectured that they interbred with the ancient Nephilim peoples (That gigantism is hereditary, hunny, hahaa) Then transcended with these half-angels to the Saturnian cube To form kinship ties with the nebulous entities who there so dwell. Interplanetary copulation, baby, There’s a little bit of me everywhere, Whoo! Flash-forward to 1590— Roanoke, deserted. A single word carved in stone. Hanging beneath it— A sack. In the sack— My great-great-great-great-great-great-grand-daddy. The only remnant of a vanished, trans-planetary people. Walter Raleigh wanted nothing to do with the child. His men left it to its fate with some inbred colonials. They raised my grand-pappy till they ran out of liquor, Then traded him off to Wampanoags for some fermented corn mixture. When he arose as a powerful warrior brave, He went back and scalped their asses. For the next century, This strange-blood with the otherworldly eyes Miscegenated with the more noble variations of the American Indian And reared several generations of priests who represented Yig, The half-man, half-snake god. (I’m a little half-man, half-snake myself, baby—all in due time, hissss.) So many sacrificial murders, babe— The blood of untold thousands is on my ancestors’ hands. They lived quite well, Offering sacrifices on behalf of the ancient aristocracy of underground K’n-yan In exchange for mothafuckin’ gold, baby, whoo! In the early 19th century, My family started discreetly buying up large tracts of land, And by the time gold was replaced with oil, We were swimmin in it! I’m fuckin’ loaded, babe, in more ways than one. Kachow! Ugh, this waltz movement, babe— I gotta dance again. Unh, unh. Oh, Tchaikowsky, mrraaooww. Oof, I’m sweaty, babe. Can you hand me that rag over there? No, not the crusty one—that’s for later, aha, smooch. Anyway—oh yes. The 20th century saw my family behind every major US conspiracy. We are linked to every presidential murder after Lincoln (okay okay, including Lincoln). The dons of New York were nothing but pawns under our thumbs. Charles Manson was a good friend of my daddy’s. All secret government experiments carried out on the US populace Were funded for our own amusement, baby. You know ESP? I know you do— I can read your thoughts. Boop! I just booped your nose. You’re damn cute, girl. Can I get you some more wine? Yeah, that’s it, baby! Get a little loose, whoo! But enough about the enigmatic roots of my family tree And my ancestors’ vast accumulation of ill-gotten riches. Let’s talk about what really matters— M-m-m-me. Both of my parents died at the exact moment I was born. I was abandoned by my greedy aunts and uncles And raised instead by the kindly old janitor who wiped up my mother’s afterbirth. When I was eight years old, I slit his throat and set off on my own. At age nine, I settled down with a divorcee named Valeria. Oh Valeria... I remember the night she told me she loved me; It was the same night I lost my fourth baby tooth. We made violent love. In the morning, I lifted whatever cash she had and took off for the West coast. So many drugs, baby, I did So! Many! Drugs! Yow! I fucked a cactus at Burning Man. I wrestled a coyote on peyote. I’m pretty sure I shared a doobie with good ol’ Yig, That old scaly motherfucker. At a separate desert orgy, I met a man. He worked for my family. I charmed my way into his confidences. He got me a job. With my natural ancient-alien talent, I moved up quickly through the ranks Of my family’s extremely-questionable, millenia-old organization. I won’t tell you exactly what I did, baby. Let’s just say I was a key figure in certain child-trafficking enterprises. Anyway, After a few years of that, I finally made it up to the inner circle of my family’s advisers. I became head consiglere after killing off the former one with a dull, blunt object— No, not that one, baby, Be patient, frisky girl, purrr. I played my part so well that my family never suspected me of subterfuge, Nor even considered the fact that I have the same extraterrestrial gaze as my daddy. They invited me out to an exclusive event at their private retreat. The entire family was to be there: All uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, etc.— And me. I arrived fashionably late. When one of my cousins first laid eyes on me, She had to have me. We banged it out in the bathroom; I left her there to rinse herself out just in time for a round of toasts. I raised my glass: This was the first signal. My men crashed into the banquet hall. My family was suddenly surrounded by machine guns Touted by members of their own organization, All of whom had pledged their loyalty to me and me alone. In my family’s last terrified moments, I revealed to them my long-concealed identity. They begged me for mercy. They pleaded to be my slaves. They promised me everything, the whole enterprise, all the moolah, If I would just spare my own flesh and blood. I downed the champagne: This was the second signal. Within a matter of minutes, I was the sole remaining member of my ancient bloodline. And look at me now, baby! I’m livin it! I’ve got Tchaikowsky, I’ve got you, And—just in time, baby, I’ve got a steaming bowl of ramen waiting for me in the kitchen. Why don’t you slip out of that dress there while I slurp that shit down. Oh, I’m sorry, babe, did you want some noodle? I’ll give you some noodle, babe. I’ll give you some of that Nephilim noodle— Al dente, baby. Mrrrow. Buckle up, hunny, here comes the accelerando: I’m gonna Mannheim steamroll the shit outta you.
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2020.04.15 21:27 BlancheFromage Ikeda's peculiar hatred of and hostility toward Japan

I ran across an odd little "dialogue" written up by Ikeda's ghostwriter team, from some discussion Ikeda supposedly held with some Chinese guy, Jin Yong. I've written a little about Jin Yong before - Ikeda was clearly attempting to "dialogue up":
Here's something truly impressive that I ran across a few days ago about Louis Cha, pen name Jin Yong:
In 2005, Cha was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Cambridge. But apparently, he wanted more than just honors and enrolled as a graduate student at Cambridge that same year.
Cha earned his doctoral degree in 2010, at the age of 86. His thesis discussed imperial succession in the Tang dynasty. Source
He didn't have to sign on for years of study because he accepted an honorary degree; he CHOSE to because he wanted to EARN his credential!
Unlike ol' Useless Ikeda!
BUT WAIT!! Louis Cha wasn't finished!
Hong Kong novelist Louis Cha Leung-yung – who wrote The Legend of the Condor Heroes and is better known by his pen name Jin Yong – will be adding another doctorate to his long list of scholarly and literary achievements, said mainland media reports.
Peking University told the Beijing Youth Daily on Tuesday that the renowned writer of wuxia martial arts novels from the 1960s-80s had been pursuing a doctorate in Chinese literature there since September 2009 and had recently completed his thesis.
Professor Chen Pingyuan, a former dean at the university’s Department of Chinese Language and Literature, confirmed to media that Cha, 89, had been a doctoral candidate at the department.
A photo of Cha’s diploma, dated July 2013 complete with the institution’s seal and signature of university president Wang Enge, was published on social networking site Renren this week. Source
Now THAT's a man anyone can respect, admire, and emulate!! And on top of all this, this cat isn't expecting ANYONE to worship him or fantasize about an imaginary relationship with him as their "mentor"! Ikeda's disgusting. A slimy worm. No offense to worms. - from the comments here
I don't remember why or how I ran across that information about Louis Cha ("Jin Yong" is simply a pen name), but how "mystic" given that we now have a "dialogue" that includes him! I linked to the source (there it is again); I'm going to just focus on Ikeda's comments, and you can go read Jin Yong's (much more normal and intelligent and interesting) commentary there if you want.
Those who speak the truth are continually the victims of conspiracies and wily machinations. It comes with the territory. Mr Jin looked down upon these thugs and he decisively broke through their malevolent schemes.
I have also experienced these trials and have survived them with the same fierce sense of justice. I keenly feel that my encounter with Mr Jin Yong was an amazing stroke of karmic destiny, revealing that our similar life experiences and beliefs resonate in perfect harmony.
Yep, ol' Fatface just has to make it all about HIMSELF! Notice how he takes pains to place himself on the same level as this legitimately honored and respected author!
Ikeda: I was well aware of your prodigious scholarship, but I would like to once again express my high regard for your erudition.
Ugh. I so hate empty flattery. Really, it demonstrates the shallowness of this encounter. Ikeda had nothing to say.
Ikeda: You are exceedingly humble. But, Mr Jin, you have the presence and bearing of a great man.
"Herr herr herr DERP!"
You know, they say that where there are Chinese, your novels will be found. You are praised as a grand master of Chinese literature and as one of the most talented Asian writers. You have left a rare legacy that will last through the ages. You are a 'champion of the pen' and a leader of public opinion in Hong Kong, the world's harbour of peace and prosperity.
Bleah. In the preface, Jin Yong notes that he was invited to participate in this "dialogue" - I can only imagine what sort of financial consideration was extended to get him to waste his time listening to this puffery.
Ikeda: I sincerely appreciate your kind words of encouragement.
Ikeda then proceeds to toot his own horn, despite saying earlier that his intention was "to learn from" Jin Yong.
Let us take our time and make this dialogue an enjoyable experience. As we continue each segment of our dialogue, may the experience give you strength to regain your health and fill you with the energy of youth - that we may benefit Hong Kong, China, and the entire world.
Ikeda: ... Japan has certainly behaved barbarically in the countries of Asia and expecially in China. During the past several thousand years, all aspects of Japanese culture have been greatly enriched by Chinese culture, but instead of acknowledging China as our benefactor and repaying this debt with gratitude, Japan inflicted unspeakable atrocities on the country that shared so much of itself. Such behavior is deeply criminal.
Yet when IKEDA behaves that very same way toward former parent temple Nichiren Shoshu, it's GREAT!!
What a loathsome hypocrite.
Ikeda: Mr Jin, you are so gracious. After the war, Japan did not even apologize to China but instead joined the US and continued its hostile policies toward China. Japan also opposed China's inclusion in the United Nations to the very last. Even so, in the Chinese people's retrospective assessment of the war, it was Japanese militarism that was to blame, not the Japanese people.
The Japanese people must never forget, even in their dreams, the magnanimity of the Chinese people.
How weird is this?? This "dialogue" took place in 1995 - Ikeda had been excommunicated by Nichiren Shoshu, but was still planning on taking over Japan and ultimate world domination, starting with taking Nichiren Shoshu away from the Nichiren Shoshu priests! No one ever accused Ikeda of being rational!
As we can see:
From 1996:
At one point, GMW (Mr. George M. Williams, first/longtime/now former SGI-USA General Director) touched on the recent priesthood issue.
"Dai-Gohonzon hijacked. But someday, we get it back. Then," the fierce eyes widened, "we make a new beginning." - from Mark Gaber's 2nd memoir, Rijicho, p. 280. Source
Mr. Williams had been one of Ikeda's closest, most trusted lieutenants - he'd have been privy to Ikeda's plans to that point. The SGI was still HEAVILY attached to the concept of the Dai-Gohonzon and the idea of getting it back; clearly, they'd have to take over Nichiren Shoshu to do that.
Ikeda: Mr Jin, you are most generous.
Ikeda: That's very kind of you to say.
Ikeda: The barbaric actions of the Japanese are shameful, but even more shameful is the way that many Japanese have forgotten their history. I have heard that in Chinese, the worst insult that can be said of someone is wang ba (literally 'forget eight'), which refers to a person who fails to observe the eight morals - duty, obedience, loyalty, trust, decorum, honour, moderation, and shame. To forget or disregard these traditional Chinese moral principles in one's life is to know no shame, and this is perhaps the worst offence of all.
Here's what a different source has to say about wàng bā dàn (忘八蛋):
seriously, I have never heard about 忘八蛋, and 忘八但, but maybe these two words exist, because 王八蛋 comes from the old chinese: 忘八端 忘:forget
  • 孝: you are gentle to your parents you are kindheart to your parents you care about your parents, anyway you do all to make your parents comfortable this is 孝
  • 悌:you respect all of your brothers and sisters and you all help each other.
  • 忠:be loyal to your country
  • 信:honor-----no cheat
  • 礼:be polite
  • 义:you never cheat on your friends you never betray your friends
  • 廉:dont always focus on MONEY
  • 耻:shame----you should know what shame is, when you do something wrong, you should feel shameful, then you wont do it anymore.
in old china, chinese think that these eight points are the base or the foundation for one person.
if someone dont follow any point, we will say he forget "八端"(eight points) forget: 忘
so we say 忘八端
and as china has lots of accents, with time flies, the pronunciation has changed.... and it becomes: 王八蛋 (attention: it doesnt means a child of the turtle) as the same reason, maybe there is some other way to pronunce and to write. However, normally, we just use 王八蛋 Source
Here's another of those situations where I wonder if Ikeda's ghostwriters are just taking the piss - clearly, Ikeda is behaving in a manner that violates one of the principles (忠:be loyal to your country) and, thus he is in violation of them ALL.
I know well how much the Chinese scorn this kind of forgetfulness and disregard. In contrast, how forgetful the Japanese are. It is more than forgetfulness. When confronted with the topic of Japan's wartime responsibility, countless politicians react defiantly with a look of annoyance. They are unfazed by severe criticism from other Asian countries. They do not understand how their provocative remarks are irresponsible and derisive of the people of Asia. They have no empathy for those whose suffering has been caused by Japan. And they have no awareness of their own stupidity.
Again, nothing but the most caustic criticism and condemnation for the nation of Japan and the Japanese people.
Ikeda: That's funny. Your anecdote illustrates a characteristic that Japanese tend to have - that is, they sometimes assume that things have to be a certain way, and so they do not have the flexibility or ingenuity to address the situation.
What's funny is how he talks about "the Japanese", not "we Japanese" or "my people" - Ikeda is speaking about the Japanese people as "other" to himself. Does this come naturally to Ikeda because of his Korean ethnicity? To a zainichi, someone of Korean heritage, being by law a non-citizen and stripped of rights within Japanese culture could predictably create some feelings of hostility toward "the Japanese"...
Ikeda: The Japanese tendency to congregate is definitely a cultural trait. Japanese are famous for sticking together in all-Japanese groups when they travel abroad. There may be commendable aspects of this group discipline, but in international society, I think it is considered to be more of a disadvantage. I believe that this is a characteristic that the Japanese must cast off.
See? "THE Japanese". Boy, Ikeda would sure make them cast that off if HE were in charge! Everybody would jump when King Ikeda told them to!
Ikeda: There was a time in my youth when I wanted to become a writer. But as fate would have it, I ended up taking a different path in life.
How weird is that?? SHOULDN'T Ikeda be saying something like, "Even though I didn't follow a writer's typical path, I ended up becoming an accomplished author and wrote many books anyhow"?
Ikeda's repeated references on the Japanese people's ungratefulness likely refers to his own experience at being stripped of Japanese citizenship as a young man just because he was of Korean ancestry, despite all he felt he had contributed to the country, despite it being HIS country (he was born there). Note that under Japanese law, zainichi can't vote or run for political office, which explains the urgency with which Ikeda formed a political party (something Toda said the Soka Gakkai would never do) as his (Ikeda's) only way to gain political power for himself. That also explains why Ikeda has never run for office - he's prohibited BY LAW, and if he TRIED, well, THAT would be all over the news. Notice how one of Ikeda's pet political party Komeito's planks is to give the vote to the zainichi. Self-interest much, Sensei??
Remember - Toda said that the Soka Gakkai would never field a political party:
Toda emphasized that the Soka Gakkai had no interest in forming a political party or even electing members to the lower house. His intent was to build a foundation for the construction of the kokuritsu kaidan, national high sanctuary, at Fujinomiya by imperial decree. This, he thought. would legitimize Nichiren Shoshu and accomplish obutsu myogo, the fusion of politics and religion.
Despite Toda's announcement that Soka Gakkai would not form a political party, in 1964 third president Daisaku Ikeda announced the formation of a political arm of the Soka Gakkai which became known as the Komeito, Clean Government Party, which included obutsu myogo and Buddhist Democracy in its platform.
The public furor over Soka Gakkai's apparent attempt to position Nichiren Shoshu as the state religion and the aggressive proselytizing carried out by Soka Gakkai resulted in the separation of Komeito and Soka Gakkai. Komeito dropped obutsu myogo and Buddhist Democracy from the platform. The term "obutso myogo" has been dropped from SGI jargon and purged from books and documents. Source
It has been noted that Ikeda has an outsize lust for revenge, and his cult's eternal animosity toward Nichiren Shoshu (because they embarrassed Ikeda that one time and ruined his plans for world domination) is clear evidence that this is no false rumor.
Here, we can see Ikeda's consuming hatred for Japan and the Japanese people bleeding through. It apparently simmers just below the surface for Ikeda.
In between, Ikeda of course makes opportunities for himself to humble-brag, outright brag, and to make sure his own supposed "greatness" is right there in the open for everyone to admire, along with some despicable whining about how hard his life is. What a goon.
Ikeda: China is such a big and populous country. Yet family ties are deeper and stronger than we in Japan can even imagine.
Is Ikeda alluding to his "outsider" status in his own family as an adopted zainichi orphan? The fact that he's clearly estranged from his many (adopted) brothers and sisters? The fact that his father(s) basically threw him away?
So the very first time Daisaku Ikeda's father meets this Toda guy, Toda asks his permission to take possession of Daisaku (who by this time must be around 21? 24?) to the point of informing Pappy Ikeda that he's planning an ARRANGED MARRIAGE for his son, and Pappy Ikeda doesn't give a shit! "Yeah, go on, take him and get him outta here" is his attitude - is this because Daisaku was already a black sheep for abandoning the family earlier? No one from his family of origin joined the Soka Gakkai, you know, not even after Daisaku started making bank. Daisaku's father doesn't seem to care about him at all and just wants to be rid of him. Source
Ikeda himself has written the 2 adopted children out of his own bio; isn't that peculiar? A family wealthy enough to have 8 children of their own AND adopt an additional 2 children, who saw their fortunes collapse with the end of the war effort, would have probably been pretty happy to be able to get rid of at least those two adopted children now that they were poor.
OR could Ikeda be referring to his favorite son's widow and children - his ONLY grandchildren - who are no longer anywhere in the picture??
That's all I have access to at that site, unfortunately. I suspect we could have had a LOT more fun with that!!
Ikeda (and/or his ghostwriters) obviously thought it would make Ikeda look GOOD to be saying these things! Ikeda comes across as fawning, creepy, and self-important, and his deep-seated hostility toward Japan and "the Japanese" comes through loud and clear. In light of this thinly-veiled attitude of contempt and animosity toward the people of Japan, doesn't Ikeda's obsession with control, wealth, and power make sense?
Could Ikeda have been laying it on thick with a trowel in hopes of currying favor with the Chinese government in case he needed to call on them for backing (a strategic alliance) if he ran into any trouble taking control of the Japanese government when the time came?
submitted by BlancheFromage to sgiwhistleblowers [link] [comments]

2020.04.12 15:15 VernonN Dutch Chart Discussion - 2020 Week 15

Welcome back! In this weekly post, I discuss the Dutch Charts of the week and I encourage further discussion in the comments! Let's get going.
If you haven't, I recommend reading this post, as this one will make a lot more sense that way.
Nederlandse Top 40
Tracking Week Wednesday 01/04/20 - Tuesday 07/04/20
#01 (01): Davina Michelle & Snelle - 17 Miljoen Mensen Streaming still as strong and even jumped on radio. #1 for the forseeable future.
#02 (02): The Weeknd - Blinding Lights Similarly not looking to budge from this spot yet. Not the streaming monster it once was but still a strong radio #1.
#03 (03): Racoon - Het Is Al Laat Toch Stable streaming, but looking to take a small radio hit next week, which may leave it vulnerable.
#04 (07): Dua Lipa - Physical The streaming really isn't that strong, but the radio is powerful enough to get this up there.
#05 (04): Kris Kross Amsterdam, Emma Heesters & Tino Martin Called this would be stalling last week, but falling is fine. I don't see this recovering.
#06 (17): SAINt JHN - Roses (Imanbek Remix) Surging like its life depends on it, it finally has that small radio push and the streaming is great.
#09 (11): Jonas Brothers - What A Man Gotta Do Streaming's honestly bad, but strong radio gives it a shot at sticking around here for a bit.
#10 (19): BENEE - Supalonely ft. Gus Dapperton Also getting a bit of a bigger radio presence than last week with streaming gains.
#14 (24): Topic - Breaking Me ft. A7S Finally in a position that works for its performance and on its way to the top quarter.
#24 (32): Celeste - Stop This Flame This was way too low for weeks, so finally getting that streaming push is a good reason to put it back higher up (also basically locks this for the year-end).
#25 (37): The Weeknd - In Your Eyes Streaming isn't as stable as would be nice, but radio is pushing it a bit.
#26 (--): Dua Lipa - Break My Heart Actually has better streaming than Physical (but not as good as Don't Start Now, which won't leave), just needs a bit more radio. Looking like we're gonna have 3 Dua songs in the top half next week.
#28 (34): Ali B, Poke & Judeska - Anderhalf Streaming monster still, mostly on YouTube.
#32 (25): Kygo, Avicii & Sandro Cavazza - Forever Yours This really fell for no reason, also losing THNL this week won't help it go back up, so it's kinda 50/50 whether this makes the year-end.
#33 (39): Maan & Kraantje Pappie - Rode Wijn Not doing all that fantastic, will need real pushes to get up there.
#37 (--): Lil Kleine - Jongen Van De Straat Huge streaming, no radio just yet, or potentially ever.
#-- (38): Maroon 5 - Memories
#-- (31): Dominic Fike - 3 Nights
538 Top 50
Friday 10/04/20
Will not be discussing this one anymore, but I'll leave the link here.
DutchCharts Single Top 100
Tracking Week Friday 03/04/20 - Thursday 09/04/20
#05 (--): Lil Kleine - Vandaan
#07 (--): Drake - Toosie Slide
#08 (--): Lil Kleine - Zware Pas
#18 (25): Topic - Breaking Me ft. A7S
#26 (--): Chivv - Jesus Piece ft. Frenna
#27 (13): Frenna, Ronnie Flex & Snelle - Venus Silly me, thinking this would have longevity.
#37 (--): Jonna Fraser, DARKOO & Diztortion - Downfall
#39 (43): Danny Vera - Roller Coaster Just casually strolling back into the Top 40 in its 52nd week.
#55 (--): Pjotr, Snelle & Okke Punt Verliezen Met Jullie
#57 (--): Ashafar - Medellin ft. Larry
#66 (--): Jandro - I Wanna ft. Bryan MG
#75 (RE): SZA & Justin Timberlake - The Other Side Added to THNL last week
#84 (39): Billie Eilish - No Time To Die And I'm guessing this one lost it
#87 (--): Celeste - Stop This Flame Annnd this one gained it
#94 (--): Sam Feldt & Sigma - 2 Hearts ft. Gia Koka
#95 (--): Doja Cat - Boss Bitch
The weekly average between De Top 40 and the 538 Top 50.
Also, for anyone wondering, I'm going to drop the link to the Album Top 100 here. Completely unexpectedly, last week's #1 falls to 54 and the #2 doesn't hold on either. This doesn't put Dua Lipa in a spot to make a run for the #1, however, as Lil Kleine is a streaming monster.
Radio 538 Playlist Week 16
Finally got Break My Heart on. Don't think Something Unreal will make any impact and Midnight won't be a big DS either. Breaking Me up to A is great and Beat Me up makes sense, but removing Boyfriend instead of The Last Time, which only went down to B, is weird. About time Memories went, too.
QMusic Playlist Week 16
This one makes a bit more sense, 17MM is definitely the big song of the moment so A is logical, but it's unfortunate that Racoon has to go down for it. Supalonely up is great, it'll definitely be huge. Rode Wijn needs the radio push so I'm glad it's there and Lay Your Head On Me I didn't really see coming, but if it becomes a hit they don't wanna be behind I guess. Soldier On AS is unfortunate because it's not a new add, but at the same time there weren't really any better options this week.
Thanks for reading! Feel free to make comments or ask questions :)
submitted by VernonN to popheads [link] [comments]

2020.04.07 22:25 SirSorgum Found this old picture of my great grand-pappy courageously exploring an uncharted island. The date stamp on the camera was broken, I'm told.

Found this old picture of my great grand-pappy courageously exploring an uncharted island. The date stamp on the camera was broken, I'm told. submitted by SirSorgum to AnimalCrossing [link] [comments]

2020.04.05 18:18 VernonN Dutch Chart Discussion - 2020 Week 14

Welcome back! In this weekly post, I discuss the Dutch Charts of the week and I encourage further discussion in the comments! Let's get going.
If you haven't, I recommend reading this post, as this one will make a lot more sense that way.
Nederlandse Top 40
Tracking Week Wednesday 25/03/20 - Tuesday 31/03/20
#01 (24): Davina Michelle & Snelle - 17 Miljoen Mensen Rockets to the top as predicted with unbeatable streaming and a very powerful radio push. We'll see how long this lasts.
#02 (01): The Weeknd - Blinding Lights Not losing in performance, just got outperformed.
#03 (02): Racoon - Het Is Al Laat Toch Same here, a slight drop in streaming position but not performance.
#04 (04): Kris Kross Amsterdam, Emma Heesters & Tino Martin - Loop Niet Weg And this looks to be stalling, unless it makes a real big radio run all of a sudden.
#05 (05): Robin Schulz - In Your Eyes ft. Alida In a similar vein, this would need a big streaming push to really get higher.
#07 (09): Dua Lipa - Physical Now here's an actual candidate for a big push. Now on highest rotation on 538 and Q, just needs to get a little higher on Spotify.
#11 (14): Jonas Brothers - What A Man Gotta Do Making a run for top 10 next week.
#14 (17): Davina Michelle - Beat Me I could also see this making top 10 in the future, but right now the radio isn't there yet.
#17 (27): SAINt JHN - Roses (Imanbek Remix) Coming in hot off the re-entry last week, ready to storm up off huge streaming, and it's finally getting the radio push this week.
#19 (26): BENEE - Supalonely ft. Gus Dapperton Similar streaming gains and a solid radio backing.
#24 (29): Topic - Breaking Me ft. A7S Honestly I feel like this is too low, the radio is very solid and the streaming gains are big.
#26 (19): Khalid & Disclosure - Know Your Worth Radio losses and streaming that is too steady to make up for it.
#29 (34): 5 Seconds Of Summer - Old Me Finally getting the streaming push to accompany its radio.
#30 (35): Rolf Sanchez - Como Tu Got a slight streaming boost, but isn't looking to stick.
#34 (--): Ali B, Poke & Judeska - Anderhalf This song about staying 1.5m away from others is not staying away from streaming, where it's huge. May prove to be a novelty, though.
#37 (--): The Weeknd - In Your Eyes A solid start in both categories for this song.
#39 (--): Maan & Kraantje Pappie - Rode Wijn It's a radio-friendly song with a hip-hop verse, so it's got good streaming and that advantage over most hip-hop.
#40 (--): Di-Rect - Soldier On This barely made it, streaming is basically non-existent and radio is nothing to write home about.
#-- (40): Jeangu Macrooy - Grow
#-- (39): Miss Montreal - Hier
#-- (38): Kensington - Uncharted
#-- (36): Duncan Laurence - Love Don't Hate It
All Dutch dropouts this week
538 Top 50
Friday 20/03/20
Will not be discussing this one anymore, but I'll leave the link here.
DutchCharts Single Top 100
Tracking Week Friday 27/03/20 - Thursday 02/04/20
#03 (--): Lil Kleine - Jongen Van De Straat Streaming giant Lil Kleine releases the title-track from his new album (released Friday) and it's looking to have actual staying power, as well as potential for some slight radio play.
#05 (60): Ali B, Poke & Judeska - Anderhalf
#06 (07): Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now Despite an entry above it and Anderhalf shooting up, this takes one spot in its album release week, the longevity is incredible.
#14 (21): BENEE - Supalonely ft. Gus Dapperton
#15 (24): Dua Lipa - Physical
#22 (--): Dua Lipa - Break My Heart I thought this wasn't a radio single here, but find out in a little bit why I was proven wrong.
#25 (36): Topic - Breaking Me ft. A7S
#34 (44): Lil Mosey - Blueberry Faygo
#38 (56): Surfaces - Sunday Best Got added to Top Hits NL last week.
#42 (--): Josylvio - Marijuana
#43 (51): Danny Vera - Roller Coaster Just wanted to point out this gaining in its 51st week.
#53 (--): PartyNextDoor & Rihanna - Believe It
#61 (--): 5 Seconds Of Summer - Old Me
#76 (--): Kygo - Like It Is ft. Zara Larsson & Tyga
#78 (--): Megan Thee Stallion - Savage Megan's first ever entry!
#85 (--): Jack & Ashafar - Mess
#100 (RE): Zefanio - Busje ft. Chivv & Lauwtje
The weekly average between De Top 40 and the 538 Top 50.
Also, for anyone wondering, I'm going to drop the link to the Album Top 100 here. Sales prove once again why they're bad for measuring popularity and consumption. The #1 never appeared in any iTunes or Spotify charts, but profited off #2 and #3 not being able to be shipped physically.
Radio 538 Playlist Week 15
We'll call it an improvement. Breaking Me up makes sense but they already played that non-stop so it doesn't really matter. Supalonely and Roses new make a lot of sense (finally). However, Major Lazer, boring, non-hit, already on the playlist, why not just make Roses the DS? Chef'Special won't make any impact.
QMusic Playlist Week 15
Q cleans up a lot more, definitely necessary after last week. All the songs moving up make sense, they all have momentum. Break My Heart AS is amazing, just needs 538 playlisting and it should be her 12th top 10 (it's on Top Hits NL, has YouTube, support from 3FM as well). In Your Eyes and Roses were definitely missing from the playlist and Soldier On entered the Top 40 so might as well.
Thanks for reading! Feel free to make comments or ask questions :)
submitted by VernonN to popheads [link] [comments]

2020.04.05 11:58 OsoDeMaricon HAPPY PALM SUNDAY! ANNOUNCEMENT: THIS IS A PRO-MASTURBATION SUBREDDIT. If you are not rubbing your dick completely raw on a daily basis, you’re in the wrong saloon. GIT!

Make no mistake, this subreddit is resolutely #ProFap, and is basically an online version of a Room Whack. We think being a non-bear who yanks is way healthier than being a bear who NoFaps, and we are evangelistic about wanting you to do all of the following:
Keep crushing
Making life with your dick
Playing Hot Dish
Donating to Arkhaven
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Watching The Dickstream
Having Church At The House
Beat the beaver Beating my meat Beating the bishop Bop the bolony Choking the chicken Clap your clit Clean the bean Clicking the mouse Dating Hannie Palmer Diddle my skittle# Diddling Donald trump firing his apprentice Double clicking the mouse Fiction friction Fire off some knuckle-children Five finger shuffle Flickin’ the kitten Flicking the bean Flog the dolphin Fucking yourself Getting trigger happy Going fishing with the man in the boat Go to the palm prom Greasin’ the gash Hand to gland combat Having a knee trembler Hit the slit Hitchhike To The Sky Holding your sausage hostage Indiana Jones finding a sweet dig Jacking off Jerkin the gerkin Jerking off Jibber jab Jilling off Let the beaver swim Lubing the tube Making it snow Making my girl happy Making stomach pancakes Milking the cow One handed baseball Painting the ceiling Pet the poodle Petting the kitty Playing air guitar naked Playing pocket pool Playing tug of war with the cyclops Pole dancing Polishing the pearl Pumping the keg Revving the engine Roughing up the suspect Rub the nub Rubbing one out Rubbing Rob Reiner Ruin your eyesight Scrach and sniff Scraping off the scabs Scratch n’ sniff Shake and steak Shuffle your Ipod Slam the clam Slapping the salami Slicking Willie Spanking the monkey Spinnin’ a record Squishing the squidgie Stroking it Stroking the one-eyed snake Taking care of my business Tapping the wookie on the head Thinking of your mom Tick the taco Tickle your pickle Turning Japanese Two-finger tango Visit from the five-fingered aunty Visiting Rosy Palms and her five sisters Walking the dog Wax on, whack off Whippin off a batch Wrestling the one eyed monster Abusing the wicked stick Adjusting the antenna Aiding and abetting a known felon Applying the hand brake Arguing with Henry Longfellow Arm-wrestle with your one-eyed vessel Attack the one-eyed purple-headed warrior Audition your hand puppet Backstroke roulette Badgering the witness Barking up the wrong tree Bash the candle Basting the ham Battling the purple-headed yogurt slinger Being rough with the sex stick Be your own best friend Beat the bishop Beat the bologna Beat the dummy Beat the meat Beat the pud Beat the stick Beat up your date Beef tips stroking off Bleed the weed Blow your own horn Bludgeon the beefsteak Bop the bologna Bop the bonzo Box the Jesuit Box with Richard Brushing up on your typing skills Buff the banana Bugger your hand Building upper-body strength Burp the baby Burp the worm Butter the corn Calling down for more mayo Calling in the secret service Caning the vandal Caulking the cracks in the bathroom tile Charm the snake Check for testicular cancer Cheese off Choke Kojak Choke the chicken Choke the sheriff and wait for the posse to come Clamp the pipe Clean your rifle Cleaning out your account Clear the snorkel Climb the tree Closet Frisbee Combing the hair on your bald pig Sally Combing your hair Communing with nature Consulting with your silent partner Corral your tadpole Couch hockey for one Crank the love pump Crank the shank Crimp the wire Crown the king Crushing pop cans in the dark Cuddle the kielbasa Cuff the carrot Daisy-chaining Dancing in the dragon’s fiery breath Dancing with the one-eyed sailor Date Miss Michigan Date Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters Date Rosie Palm and her five sisters Debugging the hard drive Defrosting the fridge Digital penile oscillation Discovering your own potential Distributing free literature Do handiwork Do it your way Do the janitor thing Do the white knuckler Doing your homework Drain the monster Dry humping the ottoman Eating grapes with the one-armed man Electing the President Engage in safe sex Exercise one’s right Exercising your right to privacy Fastening the chin strap on the helmet of love Feed the ducks Feeding bologna to the Smurfs Feeling your way around Fiddle the flesh flute Firing the pound gun Fishing with dynamite Fist your mister Five knuckle shuffle Flick your Bic Fling your phallus Flip the bishop Flipping your omelet Flog the bishop Flog the dolphin Flog the dong Flog the log Flog the mule Flogging the egg man Fly fishing Fondle your flagpole Free Willy Frost the pastries Frosting your maple bar Frying up the corndog Gallop the old lizard Gardening with the golden trowel Genital stimulation via phallengetic motion Get a date with Slick Mittens Get the German soldier marching Get to know yourself Get your pole varnished Give it a tug Give your low five Giving the half-blind dog a run for his money Go a couple of rounds with ol’ Josh Go blind Go on a date with Fisty Palmer Go on a date with Handrea and Palmela Go the blow Going Hans Solo on Darth Vader’s head Submitted by Jake W. 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nights Safest sex Sailing the mayonnaise seas Saluting the general Sampling the secret sauce Sand wood Scour the tower of power Scraping the bottom of the barrel Scratch the itch Screwing your courage to the sticking place Secret handshake Self abuse Self-induced penile regurgitation Sex with someone you really love Shake hands with Abe Lincoln Shake hands with the midget Shake hands with the unemployed Shake hands with your John Thomas Shake hands with your wife’s best friend Shake hands with Yul Brynner Shake the sauce Shake the sausage Shake the snake Shaking hands with Dr. Winky Shellac the shillelagh Shemp the hog Shift gears Shine the helmet Shine your pole Shoot for the moon Shoot putty at the moon Shoot the airplane Shooting yourself in the foot Shuck your corn Sizing things up Slam the ham Slam the salami Slam the salmon Slam the Spam Slap high fives with Yul Brynner Slap it Slap pappy Slap the carrot Slap the clown Slap the donkey Slap the purple-headed yogurt pistol Slap the salami Slapping Johnny on the back Sling the jelly Smack the salami Smiting the pink knight Snap the monkey Snap the rubber Snap the whip Solo flight Solo marathon Solo sex Spank Elvis Spank the bishop Spank the frank Spank the monkey Spank the salami Spank the wank Spanking the rooster Spending your Christmas bonus Squeeze the cheese Squeeze the juice Squeeze the toothpaste in the middle of the tube Squeeze your cheese-dog Squeezing the happy lumberjack Stewing in your own juices Stinky pinky Stir the batter Stir the yogurt Strain the main vein Straining your cabbage Stretching the truth Strip-mining with the spaghetti man Stroke the carrot Stroke the mole Stroke the one-eyed burping gecko Stroke the satin-headed serpent Stroke your poker Stroke your Twinkie Strumming the one-string harp Take matters into your own hands Take part in population control Take the fifth Take the monster for a one-armed ride Taking a few practice shots Taking a load off Talk quietly to yourself Tame the shrew Taunt the one-eyed weasel Teaching the Cyclops the lambada Tease the weenie Tenderize the tube steak Tending to your own affairs Test your batteries That crazy hand jive Thrash your thing Thump the pump Thump your thong Tickle the ivory Tickle the pickle Tickle the taco Ticklewigglejigglepickle Tipping off the inspector Toss the snag Toss the turkey Toss yogurt Tug the slug Twang the wire Tweak your Twinkie Twist your crank Unleashing the alabaster yak Unloading the gun Unpacking the moving van Varnish the flagpole Varnishing the banister Visiting with Papa Smurf Wake the dead Walk the dog Walk the plank Walking a mile in Mr. Wiggly’s shoes Wallowing in self pity Wank with the one-eyed wonder weasel Wash the meat Wax the Buick Wax the carrot Wax the dolphin Waxin’ n’ Milkin’ Whack it Whack the weasel Whack Willy Whip the dummy Whip the one-eyed trouser snake Whip the one-eyed worm Whip the rat Whip the stiff Whip the wire Whip up some sour cream Whip your dripper Whitewashing with Huck and Tom Whittle the stick Wiggling your walrus Windsurf on Mount Baldy Wonk your conker Work things out Working at your own speed Working late at the office Working up a foamy lather Working without Annette Wrestle the dragon Wrestle the eel Wrestling with the bald champ Wring out your rope Wrist aerobics Yank the crank Yank the yo-yo Yank your plank Evicting the testicular squatters
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2020.03.29 16:34 DocMcGuffin 1445 UTC 3/29/2020 Route 66: Side Story Animal House

AKA 10:45 AM March 29th US Eastern.
Players: 3-4 (picks in 5 min before session) Otter and Yorkhai have already been picked
Location: Pullyap
Threat: Medium
Objective: Eleminate the Gangers
Themes: Combat
GM Style Sheet: Doc McGuffins
You have one message from your fixer
Yo, Howdy yall this is Maisly, Pappy Pitty has asked me to have you guys take care a problem. His Commlink is still on the Fritz, but that’s besides the point. We got word, well my word that Boss hogg had his boys set up in a house nearby. I’d like y’all to clear em out before they decide to attack us.
Optional RP Prompts:
What is your response to the run?
Please list the following: Role, date of last run, top 3 dice pools, and the date you last played. Please include a link to your wiki page as well.
I also would like your familiarity with the role (being unfamiliar will not disqualify you). IC responses are always appreciated.
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2020.03.29 16:24 VernonN Dutch Chart Discussion - 2020 Week 13

Welcome back! In this weekly post, I discuss the Dutch Charts of the week and I encourage further discussion in the comments! Let's get going.
If you haven't, I recommend reading this post, as this one will make a lot more sense that way.
Nederlandse Top 40
Tracking Week Wednesday 18/03/20 - Tuesday 24/03/20
#01 (01): The Weeknd - Blinding Lights u know the drill its huge
#02 (03): Racoon - Het Is Al Laat Toch Basically neck a neck with Before You Go this week, I guess it just edged out
#03 (02): Lewis Capaldi - Before You Go ^
#04 (04): Kris Kross Amsterdam, Emma Heesters & Tino Martin - Loop Niet Weg Actually lost some streaming this week but no significant differences all-around.
#05 (07): Robin Schulz - In Your Eyes ft. Alida Now this one is more surprising. Its radio is very strong and it picked up a bit more on Spotify this week as well. I really thought this would be the smallest of minor hits but here we are.
#08 (09): Justin Bieber - Intentions ft. Quavo gaining radio ughhhh
#11 (13): Harry Styles - Adore You Its momentum seems to be over but it's been a respectable run.
#13 (16): Sheppard - Die Young Feels like a continued correction over the past weeks cause it's so huge on radio.
#15 (18): Doja Cat - Say So Mainly living off streaming at this point.
#17 (21): Davina Michelle - Beat Me Meanwhile this is big all-around, but it picked up a lot on Spotify especially this week.
#18 (22): Alicia Keys - Underdog Radio hit, not doing huge numbers on streaming.
#23 (26): Martin Garrix - Drown ft. Clinton Kane Slow and steady wins the race
#24 (--): Davina Michelle & Snelle - 17 Miljoen Mensen Okay so this song went more than viral this week, with over 2.5M Spotify streams in 4 days and 1.7M YouTube views in a week. It means "17 Million People" and it's basically a cover of an old hit, except now focused on the current pandemic situation. Also has some radio and is basically guaranteed to fly right to #1 next week.
#26 (--): BENEE - Supalonely ft. Gus Dapperton Last week's AS has high streaming.
#27 (RE): SAINt JHN - Roses (Imanbek Remix) First re-entry since late last year, this should've never left. The streaming is real big.
#28 (31): Niall Horan - No Judgement It's looking like around here is where this song will end, because it's stalling out everywhere.
#29 (38): Topic - Breaking Me ft. A7S Huge streaming jump, consistent radio.
#32 (24): Maroon 5 - Memories bye bitch
#35 (--): Rolf Sanchez - Como Tu AS from 2 weeks ago. Looks like a flop with no 538 support and little to no streaming.
#36 (23): Duncan Laurence - Love Don't Hate It When you don't have solid streaming to fall back on, this is what happens when radio goes poof.
#37 (40): Sam Feldt & Sigma - 2 Hearts ft. Gia Koka So Sam Feldt released a new single yesterday cause this one wasn't doing too swell. I don't think he expected this to catapult 70 spots on Spotify this week.
#40 (29): Jeangu Macrooy - Grow gn eurovision
#-- (30): Martin Garrix & Dean Lewis - Used To Love
#-- (32): Billie Eilish - No Time To Die
#-- (37): Suzan & Freek - Deze Is Voor Mij
#-- (38): MEDUZA, Becky Hill & Goodboys - Lose Control
538 Top 50
Friday 20/03/20
Will not be discussing this one anymore, but I'll leave the link here.
DutchCharts Single Top 100
Tracking Week Friday 20/03/20 - Thursday 26/03/20
#01 (--): Davina Michelle & Snelle - 17 Miljoen Mensen
#04 (11): SAINt JHN - Roses (Imanbek Remix)
#20 (--): The Weeknd - In Your Eyes
#21 (41): BENEE - Supalonely ft. Gus Dapperton
#28 (--): Maan & Kraantje Pappie - Rode Wijn
#36 (78): Topic - Breaking Me ft. A7S
#48 (RE): The Weekend - After Hours
#60 (--): Ali B - Anderhalf ft. Poke & Judseka Anderhalf means one and a half, referring to the 1.5m distance we should all be taking right now.
#67 (--): Boef - Quarantaine Sessie #1 This man threw something together in a couple hours, threw it on YouTube with no real announcement, got a million views in 2 days, hit this chart despite the song not being on Spotify for half the week. He's so fucking big but so bad at keeping a song high up for more than 1 week.
#94 (--): Qlas & Blacka - Corona ft. $hirak
The weekly average between De Top 40 and the 538 Top 50.
Last, for anyone wondering, I'm going to drop the link to the Album Top 100 here. The Weeknd dominates, of course, but the rest of the top 10 is very uninteresting.
warning: local nerd is mad at radio stations
Radio 538 Playlist Week 14
What a MESS. Know Your Worth goes? Really? In Your Eyes is a logical addition, but the other two are definitely not. Intentions is up which I guess makes sense because it's a big hit. But then, two songs up to A, which both make sense, 17MM they already played to death so that won't change much. But Adore You down? The Last Time has spent 27 weeks on rotation, why is it not gone. Last, the DS. They decided to extend last week's, except it's an edit made by one of the DJs which features another DJ who is also the station voice, as well as speeches from the PM and the king, as well as listeners calling in to give shoutouts to certain people over the past weeks and some additions from a rapper. Cool idea in theory, but it kinda sounds like your radio is mixing between 2 stations :$
QMusic Playlist Week 14
Meanwhile Q decided to be boring. 2 songs up make sense, especially Physical in the album week. The AS could've been The Weeknd or Dua Lipa but neither of them were added, this song could've easily been a regular add that they played a lot. Then the other add is Lucas & Steve, which has basically no hit potential. Not impressed.
sorry if i sound biased here but cmon these stations continue to be messes week after week (especially 538)
Thanks for reading! Feel free to make comments or ask questions :)
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2020.03.23 15:08 tombstoneshadows28 Turner Classic Movies (U.S.) full month schedules for April, 2020

(Updated on Thursday April 16, 2020 to reflect new revised schedule for April 16-20, 2020.)
Wednesday, April 01, 2020
(1:30 AM) (comedy) The First Traveling Saleslady (1956)
(3:15 AM) (Premiere) Rails Into Laramie (1954)
(4:45 AM) (Premiere) Revolt At Fort Laramie (1957)
(6:00 AM) (drama) Drunken Angel (1948)
(7:45 AM) (suspense) Stray Dog (1949)
(10:00 AM) (epic) The Hidden Fortress (1959)
(12:30 PM) (adventure) Sanjuro (1962)
(2:15 PM) (drama) Red Beard (1965)
(5:30 PM) (suspense) High And Low (1963)
(8:00 PM) (epic) Seven Samurai (1956)
(11:45 PM) (drama) Rashomon (1950)
Thursday, April 02, 2020
(1:30 AM) (adventure) Yojimbo (1961)
(3:30 AM) (epic) Throne of Blood (1957)
(6:00 AM) (musical) A Damsel in Distress (1937)
(7:45 AM) (drama) The Man who Found Himself (1937)
(9:00 AM) (comedy) You Can't Beat Love (1937)
(10:15 AM) (crime) You Can't Buy Luck (1937)
(11:30 AM) (crime) You Can't Escape Forever (1942)
(1:00 PM) (drama) You Can't Buy Everything (1934)
(2:30 PM) (crime) You Can't Get Away with Murder (1939)
(4:00 PM) (comedy) You Can't Fool Your Wife (1940)
(5:15 PM) (comedy) You Can't Take It With You (1938)
(7:30 PM) (short) You Can't Fool a Camera (1941)
(7:45 PM) (short) You Can't Win (1948)
(8:00 PM) (Premiere) The Panic in Needle Park (1971)
(10:00 PM) (suspense) The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)
(12:00 AM) (suspense) Klute (1971)
(2:15 AM) (Premiere) Fingers (1978)
(4:00 AM) (Premiere) Report to the Commissioner (1975)
Friday, April 03, 2020
(6:00 AM) (drama) Emma (1932)
(7:30 AM) (comedy) It All Came True (1940)
(9:15 AM) (drama) Captain Hurricane (1935)
(10:30 AM) (drama) Panama Flo (1932)
(12:00 PM) (comedy) The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1963)
(2:15 PM) (comedy) Make Your Own Bed (1944)
(3:45 PM) (romance) The Girl Downstairs (1938)
(5:15 PM) (comedy) Personal Maid's Secret (1935)
(6:30 PM) (suspense) The Man with a Cloak (1951)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) Baby Boom (1987)
(10:00 PM) (comedy) Bachelor Mother (1939)
(11:45 PM) (comedy) Father Is a Bachelor (1950)
Saturday, April 04, 2020
(1:30 AM) (short) So You're Going to Be a Father (1947)
(1:45 AM) (short) Calling All Pa's (1942)
(2:00 AM) (Premiere) Cover Me Babe (1970)
(3:45 AM) (Premiere) Jennifer on My Mind (1971)
(5:30 AM) (short) The Distant Drummer: Flowers of Darkness (1972)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) The Bobo (1967)
(8:00 AM) (Premiere) MGM Cartoons: Car of Tomorrow (1951)
(8:08 AM) (comedy) Home Early (1939)
(8:17 AM) (short) Romantic Nevada (1943)
(8:27 AM) (crime) Bullet Scars (1942)
(9:30 AM) (Premiere) The Mysterious Mr. M, The: Key to Murder (1946)
(10:00 AM) (Premiere) Popeye: With Poopdeck Pappy (1933)
(10:07 AM) (comedy) Spy Chasers (1955)
(11:30 AM) (documentary) Give Us the Earth! (1947)
(12:00 PM) (suspense) The Kennel Murder Case (1933)
(1:30 PM) (drama) The Set-Up (1949)
(3:00 PM) (western) Winchester '73 (1950)
(4:45 PM) (musical) Fiddler on the Roof (1971)
(8:00 PM) (drama) Targets (1968)
(9:45 PM) (drama) The Last Picture Show (1971)
Sunday, April 05, 2020
(12:00 AM) (drama) Address Unknown (1944)
(1:45 AM) (sci-fi) Logan's Run (1975)
(4:00 AM) (sci-fi) 2010 (1984)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) Dinner at Eight (1933)
(8:00 AM) (suspense) Another Thin Man (1939)
(10:00 AM) (drama) Address Unknown (1944)
(11:30 AM) (war) Mrs. Miniver (1942)
(2:00 PM) (comedy) The Seven Year Itch (1955)
(4:00 PM) (musical) Beach Blanket Bingo (1965)
(5:45 PM) (comedy) The Apartment (1960)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) Move Over, Darling (1963)
(10:00 PM) (comedy) The Thrill of It All (1963)
Monday, April 06, 2020
(12:00 AM) (drama) Scar of Shame (1927)
(2:00 AM) (Premiere) Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance (1972)
(3:30 AM) (Premiere) Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx (1972)
(5:00 AM) (documentary) Hollywood My Hometown (1965)
(6:00 AM) (drama) Quentin Durward (1955)
(8:00 AM) (war) Tunes of Glory (1960)
(10:00 AM) (comedy) What Every Woman Knows (1934)
(11:45 AM) (short) A Wee Bit of Scotland (1949)
(12:00 PM) (romance) The Little Minister (1934)
(2:00 PM) (comedy) Sinful Davey (1969)
(3:45 PM) (drama) The Green Years (1946)
(6:00 PM) (drama) Hills of Home (1948)
(8:00 PM) (western) The Outlaw (1943)
(10:15 PM) (comedy) The Paleface (1948)
Tuesday, April 07, 2020
(12:00 AM) (comedy) Double Dynamite (1951)
(1:30 AM) (drama) Young Widow (1946)
(3:30 AM) (drama) Till The End of Time (1946)
(5:30 AM) (documentary) MGM Parade Show #31 (1956)
(6:00 AM) (horror) The Killer Shrews (1959)
(7:15 AM) (horror) The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (1953)
(8:45 AM) (horror) The Thing From Another World (1951)
(10:30 AM) (horror) From The Earth To The Moon (1958)
(12:15 PM) (horror) Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958)
(1:30 PM) (horror) Them! (1954)
(3:15 PM) (sci-fi) Forbidden Planet (1956)
(5:00 PM) (horror) Gojira (1954)
(6:30 PM) (horror) Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)
(8:00 PM) (Premiere) Cry of the City (1948)
(10:00 PM) (crime) The Lady From Shanghai (1948)
(11:45 PM) (suspense) He Walked By Night (1948)
Wednesday, April 08, 2020
(1:15 AM) (crime) Key Largo (1948)
(3:15 AM) (suspense) Berlin Express (1948)
(5:00 AM) (crime) The Naked City (1948)
(7:00 AM) (comedy) The Big Store (1941)
(8:30 AM) (musical) Lady Be Good (1941)
(10:30 AM) (comedy) Hullabaloo (1940)
(12:00 PM) (comedy) The Great Morgan (1946)
(1:00 PM) (comedy) Merton Of The Movies (1947)
(2:30 PM) (musical) Meet The People (1944)
(4:15 PM) (musical) Ship Ahoy (1942)
(6:00 PM) (short) Martin Block's Musical Merry-Go-Round #4 (1948) ‘
(6:15 PM) (musical) Du Barry Was a Lady (1943)
(8:00 PM) (musical) Carmen Jones (1954)
(10:00 PM) (crime) Odds Against Tomorrow (1959)
Thursday, April 09, 2020
(12:00 AM) (horror) The World, the Flesh and the Devil (1959)
(2:00 AM) (drama) The Angel Levine (1970)
(4:00 AM) (drama) Bright Road (1953)
(5:30 AM) (silent) Haunted Spooks (1920)
(6:00 AM) (romance) Hold Your Man (1933)
(7:45 AM) (drama) Expensive Women (1931)
(9:00 AM) (drama) Behind Office Doors (1931)
(10:30 AM) (romance) Man Wanted (1932)
(11:45 AM) (drama) Female (1933)
(1:00 PM) (romance) The Richest Girl in the World (1934)
(2:30 PM) (drama) Ex-Lady (1933)
(3:45 PM) (comedy) Smarty (1934)
(5:00 PM) (drama) Safe in Hell (1931)
(6:30 PM) (drama) The Strange Love Of Molly Louvain (1932)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) Annie Hall (1977)
(10:00 PM) (romance) Manhattan (1979)
(11:45 PM) (comedy) Girlfriends (1978)
Friday, April 10, 2020
(1:30 AM) (drama) The Landlord (1970)
(3:30 AM) (drama) I Never Sang for My Father (1970)
(6:00 AM) (drama) Remote Control (1930)
(7:30 AM) (drama) Are You Listening? (1932)
(9:00 AM) (drama) Here Comes Carter (1936)
(10:15 AM) (drama) The Next Voice You Hear... (1950)
(11:45 AM) (war) Underground (1941)
(1:30 PM) (drama) One Fatal Hour (1936)
(2:30 PM) (musical) Mr. Dodd Takes the Air (1937)
(4:00 PM) (comedy) Genius at Work (1947)
(5:15 PM) (suspense) The Unsuspected (1947)
(7:00 PM) (documentary) The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 50 Years of Magic (1990)
(8:00 PM) (musical) The Wizard of Oz (1939)
(10:00 PM) (adventure) The Blue Bird (1940)
(11:45 PM) (musical) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)
Saturday, April 11, 2020
(3:45 AM) (Premiere) Black Mama, White Mama (1972)
(5:30 AM) (short) Tear Gas In Law Enforcement (1962)
(6:00 AM) (musical) Two Tickets to Broadway (1951)
(8:00 AM) MGM Cartoons: Blackboard Jumble (1957)
(8:08 AM) (comedy) An Hour for Lunch (1939)
(8:18 AM) (short) Salt Lake Diversions (1943)
(8:27 AM) (comedy) Baby Face Harrington (1935)
(9:30 AM) (Premiere) The Mysterious Mr. M,: High-line Smash-up (1946)
(10:00 AM) (Premiere) Popeye: Popeye Presents Eugene the Jeep (1933)
(10:07 AM) (comedy) Triple Trouble (1950)
(11:30 AM) (documentary) Heart to Heart (1949)
(12:00 PM) (comedy) The Mating Game (1959)
(1:45 PM) (adventure) The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
(3:45 PM) (adventure) The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)
(6:00 PM) (musical) The Wizard of Oz (1939)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) What's Up, Doc? (1972)
(10:00 PM) (comedy) Paper Moon (1973)
Sunday, April 12, 2020
(12:00 AM) (suspense) Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956)
(1:45 AM) (adventure) Grand Prix (1966)
(5:00 AM) (epic) The Silver Chalice (1954)
(7:30 AM) (drama) Barabbas (1962)
(10:00 AM) (suspense) Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956)
(12:00 PM) (epic) Ben-Hur (1959)
(4:00 PM) (epic) The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)
(8:00 PM) (musical) Easter Parade (1948)
(10:00 PM) (epic) King of Kings (1961)
Monday, April 13, 2020
(1:00 AM) (musical) The Jazz Singer (1927)
(2:45 AM) (Premiere) Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart to Hades (1972)
(4:15 AM) (Premiere) Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart in Peril (1972)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) Love Is Better Than Ever (1952)
(7:30 AM) (musical) Give a Girl a Break (1953)
(9:00 AM) (musical) Deep in My Heart (1954)
(11:15 AM) (musical) Royal Wedding (1951)
(1:00 PM) (musical) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)
(2:45 PM) (musical) It's Always Fair Weather (1955)
(4:30 PM) (musical) On the Town (1949)
(6:15 PM) (musical) Singin' in the Rain (1952)
(8:00 PM) (suspense) His Kind of Woman (1951)
(10:15 PM) (adventure) Macao (1952)
Tuesday, April 14, 2020
(12:00 AM) (drama) The Las Vegas Story (1952)
(1:45 AM) (western) Montana Belle (1952)
(3:30 AM) (western) Badman's Territory (1946)
(5:30 AM) (short) Another Fine Mess n(1930)
(6:00 AM) (drama) Mister Buddwing (1966)
(7:45 AM) (drama) The Right of Way (1931)
(9:00 AM) (suspense) The Third Day (1965)
(11:15 AM) (drama) Journal Of A Crime (1934)
(12:30 PM) (crime) Violence (1947)
(2:00 PM) (suspense) Crossroads (1942)
(3:30 PM) (suspense) Two in the Dark (1936)
(5:00 PM) (suspense) Two O'Clock Courage (1945)
(6:15 PM) (suspense) Hysteria (1965)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) Cheaper by the Dozen (1950)
(11:45 PM) (suspense) Laura (1944)
Wednesday, April 15, 2020
(1:30 AM) (comedy) Sitting Pretty (1948)
(3:15 AM) (comedy) Bachelor in Paradise (1961)
(5:15 AM) (documentary) MGM Parade Show #31 (1956)
(6:00 AM) (musical) Roberta (1935)
(8:00 AM) (musical) Follow the Fleet (1936)
(10:00 AM) (musical) Shall We Dance (1937)
(12:00 PM) (musical) Gay Divorcee (1934)
(2:00 PM) (musical) Band Wagon (1953)
(4:00 PM) (musical) Swing Time (1936)
(6:00 PM) (musical) Top Hat (1935)
(8:00 PM) (romance) Dark Victory (1939)
(10:00 PM) (drama) No Way Out (1950)
Thursday, April 16, 2020
(12:00 AM) (horror) Coma (1978)
(2:00 AM) (drama) Young Dr. Kildare (1938)
(3:30 AM) (drama) The Citadel (1938)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) Don't Go Near the Water (1957)
(8:00 AM) (drama) The Narrow Corner (1933)
(9:15 AM) (comedy) The Little Hut (1957)
(11:00 AM) (horror) The Lost Continent (1968)
(12:45 PM) (adventure) Miss Robin Crusoe (1953)
(2:15 PM) (Premiere) Last of the Pagans (1935)
(3:30 PM) (horror) From Hell It Came (1957)
(5:00 PM) (horror) Isle of the Dead (1945)
(6:30 PM) (horror) The Devil-Doll (1936)
(8:00 PM) (musical) A Star Is Born (1954)
(11:00 PM) (silent) Metropolis (1926)
Friday, April 17, 2020
(1:45 AM) (documentary) Luise Rainer – Live From The TCM Classic Film Festival (2011)
(2:30 AM) (epic) The Good Earth (1937)
(5:00 AM) (musical) Neptune’s Daughter (1949)
(6:45 AM) (drama) The Seventh Seal (1958)
(8:30 AM) (western) She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (1949)
(10:30 AM) (drama) Sounder (1972)
(12:30 PM) (musical) A Hard Day’s Night (1964)
(2:00 PM) (documentary) Eva Marie Saint – Live From The TCM Classic Film Festival (2014)
(3:15 PM) (suspense) North By Northwest (1959)
(5:45 PM) (comedy) Some Like It Hot (1959)
(8:00 PM) (documentary) Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (2015)
(10:00 PM) (adventure) Deliverance (1972)
(12:00 AM) (horror) Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)
Saturday, April 18, 2020
(1:30 AM) (documentary) Grey Gardens (1976)
(3:15 AM) (drama) Night Flight (1933)
(5:00 AM) (documentary) Kim Novak – Live From the TCM Classic Film Festival (2013)
(6:00 AM) (drama) The Man With The Golden Arm (1956)
(8:00 AM) (horror) Mad Love (1935)
(9:15 AM) (comedy) Double Harness (1933)
(10:30 AM) (comedy) Lambchops (1929)
(10:30 AM) (short) Baby Rose Marie: The Child Wonder (1929)
(11:00 AM) (war) Sergeant York (1941)
(1:30 PM) (silent) Safety Last! (1923)
(3:00 PM) (crime) They Live By Night (1949)
(4:45 PM) (documentary) Faye Dunaway – Live From The TCM Classic Film Festival (2017)
(5:45 PM) (drama) Network (1976)
(8:00 PM) (romance) Casablanca (1942)
(10:00 PM) (drama) The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)
(11:45 PM) (crime) Night and the City (1950)
Sunday, April 19, 2020
(1:30 AM) (documentary) Norman Lloyd – Live From The TCM Classic Film Festival (2016)
(2:30 AM) (suspense) The Lady Vanishes (1938)
(4:15 AM) (silent) The Passion of Joan Of Arc (1927)
(6:00 AM) (drama) Jezebel (1938)
(7:45 AM) (drama) The Set-Up (1949)
(9:00 AM) (documentary) Peter O’Toole – Live From The TCM Film Festival (2012)
(10:00 AM) (adventure) Lawrence Of Arabia (1962)
(2:00 PM) (romance) Red-Headed Woman (1932)
(3:30 PM) (comedy) Auntie Mame (1958)
(6:00 PM) (musical) Singin’ In The Rain (1952)
(8:00 PM) (documentary) Floyd Norman: An Animated Life (2016)
(9:45 PM) (drama) The Hustler (1961)
Monday, April 20, 2020
(12:15 AM) (drama) Baby Face (1933)
(1:45 AM) (silent) Bardelys The Magnificent (1926)
(3:30 AM) (musical) VictoVictoria (1982)
(6:00 AM) (short) MGM is on the Move! (1964)
(7:00 AM) (silent) Flesh and the Devil (1926)
(8:45 AM) (crime) Breathless (1960)
(10:30 AM) (suspense) Out of the Past (1947)
(12:15 PM) (suspense) Laura (1944)
(1:45 PM) (suspense) Gilda (1946)
(3:45 PM) (romance) To Have and Have Not (1944)
(5:30 PM) (romance) Now, Voyager (1942)
(7:30 PM) (documentary) MGM Parade Show #31 (1956)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)
(10:00 PM) (musical) Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955)
Tuesday, April 21, 2020
(12:00 AM) (musical) The French Line (1954)
(2:00 AM) (drama) The Revolt of Mamie Stover (1956)
(3:45 AM) (comedy) The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown (1957)
(6:00 AM) (suspense) The Vanishing (1988)
(8:00 AM) (suspense) The Lady Vanishes (1938)
(9:45 AM) (suspense) The Narrow Margin (1952)
(11:00 AM) (suspense) Murder, She Said (1961)
(12:30 PM) (suspense) Strangers on a Train (1951)
(2:15 PM) (suspense) Dial 'M' For Murder (1954)
(4:15 PM) (suspense) Julie (1956)
(6:00 PM) (suspense) Wait Until Dark (1967)
(8:00 PM) (drama) The Group (1966)
(10:45 PM) (comedy) The Women (1939)
Wednesday, April 22, 2020
(1:15 AM) (war) Cry 'Havoc' (1944)
(3:15 AM) (drama) Stage Door (1937)
(5:00 AM) (drama) Little Women (1949)
(7:15 AM) (comedy) Married Before Breakfast (1937)
(8:30 AM) (comedy) The Heart of New York (1932)
(10:00 AM) (drama) Saturday's Children (1940)
(12:00 PM) (adventure) Powder Town (1942)
(1:30 PM) (comedy) Fast Life (1932)
(3:00 PM) (comedy) Buzzin' Around (1933)
(3:30 PM) (musical) Flying High (1931)
(5:00 PM) (comedy) Excuse My Dust (1951)
(6:30 PM) (comedy) The Yellow Cab Man (1950)
(8:00 PM) (documentary) An Inconvenient Truth (2006)
(10:00 PM) (documentary) Koyaanisqatsi (1982)
(11:45 PM) (documentary) The Plow That Broke the Plains (1936)
Thursday, April 23, 2020
(12:30 AM) (documentary) The River (1938)
(1:15 AM) (documentary) The Sea Around Us (1952)
(2:30 AM) (adventure) Wind Across the Everglades (1958)
(4:15 AM) (horror) No Blade of Grass (1970)
(6:00 AM) (romance) Washington Story (1952)
(7:30 AM) (comedy) The Dark Horse (1932)
(9:00 AM) (drama) The Human Factor (1980)
(11:15 AM) (documentary) Primary (1960)
(12:30 PM) (crime) Executive Action (1973)
(2:15 PM) (drama) The Candidate (1972)
(4:15 PM) (comedy) Gabriel Over The White House (1933)
(5:45 PM) (drama) Seven Days in May (1964)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) The Goodbye Girl (1977)
(10:00 PM) (comedy) The Sunshine Boys (1975)
Friday, April 24, 2020
(12:00 AM) (comedy) The Prisoner of Second Avenue (1974)
(2:00 AM) (romance) Claudine (1974)
(4:00 AM) (comedy) For Pete's Sake (1974)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) Laugh and Get Rich (1931)
(7:30 AM) (comedy) Smart Woman (1931)
(8:45 AM) (romance) The Age of Consent (1932)
(10:00 AM) (drama) Symphony of Six Million (1932)
(11:30 AM) (drama) Bed of Roses (1933)
(12:45 PM) (comedy) The Half Naked Truth (1933)
(2:00 PM) (comedy) My Man Godfrey (1936)
(3:45 PM) (comedy) Fifth Avenue Girl (1939)
(5:15 PM) (drama) Primrose Path (1940)
(7:00 PM) (documentary) Hollywood Without Make-Up (1966)
(8:00 PM) (crime) Double Indemnity (1944)
(10:00 PM) (romance) There's Always Tomorrow (1956)
(11:45 PM) (western) The Moonlighter (1953)
Saturday, April 25, 2020
(1:15 AM) (musical) Screen Directors Playhouse: It's a Most Unusual Day (1956)
(2:00 AM) (drama) Smithereens (1982)
(3:45 AM) (comedy) Cookie (1989)
(5:30 AM) (short) The Golden Years (1960)
(5:30 AM) (short) The Relaxed Wife (1957)
(6:00 AM) (musical) A Date With Judy (1948)
(8:00 AM) (Premiere) MGM Cartoons: Cock-a-Doodle Dog (1950)
(8:09 AM) (short) Striper Time (1956)
(8:18 AM) (short) Monumental Utah (1944)
(8:28 AM) (crime) Man Hunt (1936)
(9:30 AM) (Premiere) Terry and the Pirates: Into the Great Unknown (1940)
(10:00 AM) (Premiere) Popeye: Quiet Pleeze (1941)
(10:08 AM) (comedy) In the Money (1958)
(11:30 AM) (short) Jack Pot (1940)
(12:00 PM) (drama) Watch on the Rhine (1943)
(2:00 PM) (western) The Rare Breed (1966)
(3:45 PM) (crime) The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)
(5:45 PM) (drama) A Face in the Crowd (1957)
(10:15 PM) (documentary) The Great Buster: A Celebration (2018)
Sunday, April 26, 2020
(12:15 AM) (drama) Wicked Woman (1954)
(2:00 AM) (drama) Zorba the Greek (1964)
(4:30 AM) (drama) When in Rome (1952)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) The Front Page (1931)
(8:00 AM) (romance) The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939)
(10:00 AM) (drama) Wicked Woman (1954)
(11:30 AM) (romance) Casablanca (1942)
(1:30 PM) (drama) Magnificent Obsession (1954)
(3:30 PM) (musical) The Music Man (1962)
(6:15 PM) (comedy) Annie Hall (1977)
(8:00 PM) (suspense) Tokyo Joe (1949)
(10:00 PM) (crime) House of Bamboo (1955)
Monday, April 27, 2020
(12:00 AM) (drama) The Crowd (1928)
(2:00 AM) (Premiere) Fireworks (1997)
(4:00 AM) (Premiere) Youth of the Beast (1963)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) The Passionate Plumber (1932)
(7:30 AM) (comedy) You're In The Army Now (1941)
(9:00 AM) (musical) Music For Millions (1944)
(11:00 AM) (musical) This Time For Keeps (1947)
(1:00 PM) (musical) The Cuban Love Song (1931)
(2:30 PM) (comedy) Meet the Baron (1933)
(3:45 PM) (musical) Hollywood Party (1934)
(5:00 PM) (musical) Student Tour (1934)
(6:30 PM) (comedy) Speak Easily (1932)
(8:00 PM) (Premiere) Foxfire (1955)
(10:00 PM) (drama) Hot Blood (1956)
(11:45 PM) (adventure) Underwater! (1955)
Tuesday, April 28, 2020
(1:45 AM) (crime) The Born Losers (1967)
(4:00 AM) (drama) The Wild Angels (1966)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) The Man Who Could Work Miracles (1936)
(7:30 AM) (western) Heaven Only Knows (1947)
(9:15 AM) (romance) A Guy Named Joe (1943)
(11:30 AM) (comedy) The Horn Blows at Midnight (1945)
(1:00 PM) (drama) Angels in the Outfield (1951)
(2:45 PM) (adventure) Angel on My Shoulder (1946)
(4:30 PM) (drama) The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941)
(6:30 PM) (horror) Horror Hotel (1960)
(10:00 PM) (drama) The Hustler (1961)
Wednesday, April 29, 2020
(12:30 AM) (comedy) Smile (1975)
(2:30 AM) (comedy) The Late Show (1977)
(4:15 AM) (drama) The Secret Garden (1949)
(6:00 AM) (drama) A Modern Hero (1934)
(7:15 AM) (drama) Bengal Tiger (1936)
(8:30 AM) (suspense) The Dark Tower (1943)
(10:15 AM) (silent) The Unknown (1927)
(11:15 AM) (silent) He Who Gets Slapped (1924)
(12:30 PM) (crime) The Unholy Three (1930)
(1:45 PM) (drama) O'shaughnessy's Boy (1935)
(3:15 PM) (short) Equestrian Acrobats (1937)
(3:30 PM) (horror) Freaks (1932)
(4:45 PM) (drama) The Main Attraction (1962)
(6:30 PM) (musical) Lili (1953)
(8:00 PM) (drama) The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)
(9:45 PM) (drama) Expensive Women (1931)
(11:00 PM) (silent) When a Man Loves (1927)
Thursday, April 30, 2020
(1:00 AM) (drama) The Beloved Brat (1938)
(2:15 AM) (romance) Old San Francisco (1927)
(4:00 AM) (musical) This Is the Army (1943)
(6:15 AM) (romance) Goodbye, My Fancy (1951)
(8:15 AM) (comedy) The Lady Takes a Sailor (1949)
(10:00 AM) (drama) The Unfaithful (1947)
(12:00 PM) (comedy) One for the Book (1948)
(2:00 PM) (comedy) Comrade X (1940)
(3:45 PM) (drama) Mildred Pierce (1945)
(6:00 PM) (comedy) Our Miss Brooks (1956)
(8:00 PM) (drama) Network (1976)
(10:15 PM) (crime) Dog Day Afternoon (1975)
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